Slammin Taffy e-Liquid Review

30 May 2017 E-liquid

Are you a big fan of berry e-liquid flavors? Are you a cloud chaser? Do you have a thing for mild throat hits? If that’s the case, I suggest trying out this e-liquid I’ve recently bought online. With its reasonable price and cute packaging, you will surely find yourself addicted to Slammin Taffy e-liquid and to the whole Slammin Series as well. This has been in my rotation for weeks now. It is something I would not think twice of recommending to anyone.


Stop running to the candy store and start running towards these flavor clouds. Slammin’ Taffy brings you a delicious strawberry flavor infused into saltwater taffy.


70 VG/30 PG ratio – Yes, expect a decent cloud production.


The Slammin series is produced by a California-based company named Hardtime e-Liquid. They have a distinctive mission to create good tasting premium e-liquids as a way of saving lives. They believe that if an e-juice doesn’t taste appealing at first try, it is possible he or she may give up on vaping at that moment. That way, Hardtime could potentially save a life. Their Slammin series has the most tasteful flavors I’ve tried. The line tastes very natural and no trace of any artificial tones in it.


The 60 ml bottle retails at $29.99. I bought my bottle online at The price range is not too much for a premium e-liquid that tastes this good!


It comes in a 60 ml clear bottle with an undeniably cute sticker on it. I love how the layout uses pink and pops of baby blue hues while combining it with neutrals such as the gray and white colors. The design has the sketch of strawberries and taffy candies on it. On the lower right portion of the sticker, you can also find the nicotine level label. This flavor from the Slammin series is available in 0, 3, and 6 mg of nicotine strength. I would suggest getting the 6 mg for a balance between throat hit and flavor.


I will be very honest, this vape e-liquid has got to be the most satisfactory I’ve ever tried. Let me tell you about myself so you would understand. I am a sucker for cheap thrills and functional items. I would say at 60ml the price for Slammin Taffy is borderline steep but it delivers. I love fruity flavors especially those sweet melony and tangy berry palates. Slammin Taffy has all of these on point. It has a reasonable price with the best-tasting flavor. I love that the manufacturer uses a good kind of sweetener.  The flavor is not dull at all. On the inhale, it gives out a very natural strawberry tang. While on the exhale, you can savor the saltwater taffy. Slammin Taffy is very straightforward to its flavor description above; you get exactly what is advertised. This totally reminds me of my favorite childhood candy.  The Slammin series have four flavors and this is my top choice. All four of them are flawless juices.


At 70 VG / 30 PG ratio, the flavor was not sacrificed at all. Upon opening the bottle, you can smell the natural essence of a sweet and salty pair. The smell of the famous taffy candies was mimicked. It is not dull as well. Usually, for high VG liquids, it is harder to get the taste and throat hit but for the Slammin series, it was achieved excellently. Of course, with the right paraphernalia used, you can still get the flavor you aim for while producing the right kind of vapor. For cloud chasers, this is a good mix. I fired this using my RDTA with the airflows half-open. The result was astonishing! I can still taste the saltwater taffy and the hint of strawberry. It still delivers the right kind of throat hit; strong but not too intense. Plus, you can still get to enjoy the aroma of the flavor on the thick clouds it produces.

You will never go wrong with the Slammin Series of Hardtime e-liquid company. I suggest buying the Slammin Taffy and the Slammin Milkshake from This site has great taste, great price, and great service!

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