Delta 8 Disposable Vape By Cake Review

Cake has become one of the vapers’ favorite brands and makes some of the best disposable vapes available. You will like Cake’s Delta 8 Disposable Vape since it contains a significant amount of Delta 8 and strain-specific terpenes with various distinct flavors. It is already pre-filled and pre-charged and is ready to use!

Device Review

The Cake Delta 8 Disposable Vape combines the potent effects of Delta 8 and strain-specific terpenes in a disposable vaping device. The product contains a mixture of Delta 8 and strain-specific terpenes, which come in a wide range. There are numerous strains available, ranging from Strawberry Sour Diesel to Banana Runtz. The device has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged using an available USB port.

The Cake Delta 8 Disposable Vape works admirably and offers a strong dosage of Delta 8. The device is small and handy, and it will make sure that every puff is the best one yet. You will relish a variety of flavors in addition to a blend of strain-specific terpenes, which will only improve your flavor experience.

Available Flavors and Their Strains

There is a wide range of flavors available in different strains for this Cake Bars Delta 8 disposable product; these are:

  • Banana Runtz (Indica): Banana OG and Runtz were crossed to create the Indica-dominant strain known as Banana Runtz, which offers a powerful high. You will experience flavors of fruit and the tropics that you will adore.
  • Blue Dream (Sativa): The Sativa-dominant variety known as Blue Dream was created by fusing the Blueberry and Haze strains. It gives a satisfyingly balanced sensation with a mouthwatering blueberry flavor that you will love.
  • Blueberry Cookies (Indica): By combining Blueberry Tahoe and Thin Mint GSC, the indica-dominant strain known as Blueberry Cookies was created. These two well-known strains provide a relaxing high along with flavors of mint and blueberries.
  • Cereal Milk (Sativa): Cereal Milk is a Sativa strain that was created by combining Y Life and Snowman strains. This strain has a flavor similar to milk and ice cream and has potent effects.
  • Gelato 41 (Hybrid): Gelato 41 is a popular Hybrid strain that has gained tons of attention. It’s known for its parents, a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies. It offers an aroma of lavender and pine and shares potent effects.
  • OG Kush (Indica): Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush were crossed to create the renowned Indica strain known as OG Kush. This strain shares the aroma of lemon, pine, and fuel and provides a mixed head and body impact.
  • Purple Punch (Hybrid): The hybrid Purple Punch, which combines the strains Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, has become a classic. It provides a strong head and body sensation. It smells fruity, like blueberry muffins and grape candies.
  • Strawberry Cough (Sativa): The Sativa strain Strawberry Cough has a solid high, intense effect and a lovely strawberry, skunky flavor. Strains of Strawberry Fields and Haze were crossed to create it.
  • Texas Pound Cake (Indica): Texas Pound Cake is an Indica strain that offers you a flavorful blend of berries, grapes, and lemon citrus. It was developed by crossing Sunset Sherbet and an unidentified Indica strain, providing a wonderful mind and body feeling.

Other flavors are Thin Mint Shake GSC (Hybrid), Wedding Cake (Indica), White Runtz (Hybrid), Honey Glue (Hybrid), PB&J (Hybrid), Strawberry Sour Diesel (Sativa).

Product Features and Specifications

  • Disposable Design
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery
  • Contains Delta 8, Terpenes
  • 15 Available Strains
  • Amount: 1.5 Grams
  • Total Delta-9: Below 0.3%

Price and Availability

Cake Bar’s Delta 8 disposable vape and all other disposable products from Cake Bars can be purchased at Superstrain online store at pocket-friendly prices. With $27.49, you can get one. You can also order as many pieces as possible with a wide range of flavors.

High Explosive High-Power Electronic Cigarette

28 Jun 2022 Hardware

This is the ARGUS GTⅡ, a powerful and flavorful e-cigarette. The high-tech series from VOOPOO is designed with ultra-realistic performance in mind, so you can enjoy high power output anywhere. The ARGUS GTⅡis one of the most advanced devices available in the market, with a well-designed OLED display that clearly shows your vaping progress. Here are five reasons why ARGUS GTⅡ is the most popular high explosive and high-power electronic cigarette.

  1. Gene. TT2.0 Chip

ARGUS GT II is equipped with the newly upgraded GENE TT 2.0 advanced smart chip, which can easily achieve automatic power matching and supports SMART, RBA, TURBO and TC modes. It supports automatic matching of optimal output power. 

2. Up to 200W of Output Power

The ARGUS GTⅡ is a high-power electronic cigarette with 200W max output power. At the same time, its stable output power brings you consistent taste. As with all VOOPOO products, the ARGUS GTⅡ has thousands of extensive tests to ensure it delivers amazing vapor and satisfaction. .

3. Multiple Modes of Your Choice

There are four modes to choose from  (TURBO、SMART、RBA、TC). TC mode can memorize 3 customized vaping modes. The SMART mode will match the best output power for your atomizer; RBA mode is specially set for DIY enthusiasts. TURBO mode release Instantly, will bring the ultimate vaping experience.

4. Super Battery Life

Dual 18650 batteries make it easy to achieve multi-day use without charging, and the 3A Type-C charging port provides faster charging speed for your device.

It now boasts a large battery, which gives you up to 30% longer overall usage time than its predecessor-ARGUS GT.

5. Multiple Protections

ARGUS GTⅡ has multiple protection functions including overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, over-temperature, overtime, short circuit and output over-current protection to ensure the safety of users and products during use.

Final Thoughts

I am pretty sure you have read all the reasons to buy VOOPOO ARGUS GTⅡ. They are all true and if you choose the right mode, nothing will stop the fire power. VOOPOO is one of the most popular e-cig brands all over the world, especially for its newest product ARGUS GTⅡ. This brand is really amazing and has many new features. In addition, it can meet your expectations in a wide range of aspects, such as appearance, performance and others. The appearance of this VOOPOO Argus II is very exquisite which has high technology which makes it even more valuable! It is a great vaping device..

Limited Edition White STLTH 420mAh Vape Device Review

The Limited Edition White STLTH 420mAh vape device is designed to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes with a simple, smokeless alternative that is ideal for adult smokers. The STLTH is a closed pod system with a stunning appearance. It’s a non-refillable, portable vape device with a powerful battery that can keep you vaping for up to a day. It also has 2ml ejuice pods and there are various flavour options to choose from.

This Limited Edition STLTH device is an ideal closed pod system.


The Limited Edition White STLTH’s design is unquestionably the first thing you notice. Rather than having a rectangular design with straight edges, this STLTH device has rounded edges that fit your hand perfectly. Even with the ejuice pods installed, it’s ultra-lightweight, so moving around with it shouldn’t be a problem.

The Limited Edition White STLTH is a plug-and-play device, which means that once your battery is charged enough, you simply insert the ejuice pod and take a draw. The device has no buttons or settings.

When you take a drag, the device’s body has an LED light that flashes. It also functions as a battery life indicator. When the battery is fully charged, it displays a white light, and it displays an orange light when the battery is low.

Nicotine Level

You can choose an ejuice pod with 20mg/ml of nicotine if you want a mild hit or 20mg/bold50 of nicotine if you want to go all out, depending on how much nicotine you want to vape at a time. There’s also a nicotine concentration of 20mg/bold35 for vapers who want something in-between the mild and hardcore.

Battery Capacity

A 420mAh rechargeable battery is housed in the Limited Edition White STLTH’s battery compartment.

The device is powered by a standard micro USB port that takes less than 60 minutes to charge the battery. Keep in mind that the device does not support pass-through charging, so you won’t be able to use it until it has finished charging.

The STLTH comes with ceramic coils which give you a pure flavor. It has a tight draw, making it perfect for beginners and people who prefer mouth to lung vaping.

There are over 20 high-quality ejuice flavour options to choose from.

Package Contents

  • 1 x White LE STLTH Device 
  • 1 x Charging Cable 
  • 1 x Instruction Manual and Warranty Registration Card


The Limited Edition White STLTH vape device is a simple and affordable closed pod system with one of the most flavorful pods and a large battery capacity. For only $17, you can get this STLTH device from Hazetown Vapes.

Review: Honeydew Ice CBD Vape Pen by CBDFx

14 Jul 2021 Hardware

Vaping is one of the most common ways people choose to ingest CBD. One of the many reasons vaping is a popular way of ingesting CBD is because it offers the quickest absorption rate. And vaping CBD is also hassle-free. The CBD industry is huge and with many brands offering a variety of products. In this US market, CBDFx is one of the biggest names and has become a brand customers trust. CBDFx has a collection of some of the best CBD vape pens on the market. Honeydew Ice is arguably the best.

Honeydew Ice CBD vape pen is produced using CO2 extracted broad-spectrum CBD. This vape pen also has the flavor of ripe honeydew melon, menthol, and 30g of CBD. Honeydew Ice also contains Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Honeydew Ice BY CBDFx has a rich smooth, cool and sweet taste ideal for all-day vaping sessions, especially during summer. This CBD pen is ideal for discreet and convenient vaping.

Honeydew Ice CBD vape pen by CBDFx contains high-quality broad-spectrum CBD. You can be this CBD vape pen does not contain any harmful chemicals or additives. Honeydew Ice and other CBDFx vape pens are designed to be of top-notch quality. This CBD vape pen is GMO-free, cruelty-free, and THC-free. You can be sure of not getting high or failing a drug test from vaping Honeydew Ice. Like other CBD vape pens by this brand, Honeydew Ice is rich in cannabinoids and also contains amino acids and other fatty acids. 

Like other products by CBDFx, Honeydew Ice has been tested by a certified third-party lab for impurities. The results of this test are available for customers to read via the CBDFx online store. Anyone can access this report via a QR code featured on the packaging of Honeydew Ice and other CBDFx products. All you have to do is trace the QR code to get to know what each product contains.

Honeydew Ice CBD vape pen is designed to be disposable and can be vaped directly from the package. This CBDFx vape pen doesn’t need charging and offers about 150 puffs before it is finished. This should last you about a day. Honeydew Ice by CBDFx is designed for people new to vaping. 

Besides Honeydew Ice, CBDFx has other vape pen flavors in this collection. CBDFx has 12 unique vape pen flavors which range from fruits, mint, and cannabis. Examples of these flavors are Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Tropic Breeze, Honeydew Ice, Melon CoolerCBD. CBDFx also offers a terpene vape pen series with different flavors including Gelato, Pineapple Express, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Platinum Rose, and Blue Dream.

Honeydew Ice CBD vape pen 30mg is available for sale at the CBDFx online store for $14.99. This vape pen is usually sold for $19.99. One of the perks of buying from CBDFx is that you can be sure of the quality. And this store also offers excellent customer service and its support team will answer your inquires a.s.a.p.

Vinci Pod Kit by VooPoo Review

Vinci Pod Kit by VooPoo Review

22 Jun 2021 Hardware

If you have been in the industry long enough, you must have heard or even come across, or even used one of the vape devices from VooPoo. This time around, it is their Vinci Pod Kit. This kit is an easy-to-use device with a pleasant appearance. Just like every other pod kit on the market, the Vinci Pod Kit is small and pocket-friendly. The Vinci Pod Kit features a built-in 800mAh battery with a 15W max output. It is also a mouth-to-lung device, making it a great choice for smokers looking for a smooth transition into vaping. The Vinci Pod Kit is also the first of its kind to feature VooPoo’s brand new ITO vaporization tech that maximizes the atomizing effect of the atomizing core while maximizing the flavor delivery. 

VooPoo is one of the fastest-growing vape companies in the industry. They were established in 2014 and continued to grow in popularity thanks to their cutting-edge devices in just about every size range. 

Just before they joined the vaping industry, their mission was to serve the medical and industrial fields. With their firm foot in the tech industry, it was only a matter of time before they delved into the vaping industry. After they officially entered the vaping industry in 2017, VooPoo rapidly began developing new tech and chipsets that helped to boost their presence in the vaping industry. 

The VooPoo product lineup ranges from entry-level all-in-one pocket devices to powerful box mods and sub-ohm tanks designed for the vaping enthusiast. 

The Vince Pod Kit stands 70mm tall and sports a slim rectangular design. It is a small device so you shouldn’t have any issues fitting it into your pocket. It comes in an array of alluring colors, all of which are pleasant enough for you to show off when out with your friends. It is available in Carbon Fiber, Pine Grey, Dazzling Line, Aurora Red, Aurora Neon, Aurora Pastel, and Aurora Silver. They utilize the transfer UV and coating process so the color doesn’t fade even with time. The device features an anti-glare and anti-fingerprint surface so it continues to look brand new. 

Vinci Pod Kit by VooPoo Review

The Vince Pod Kit does not have any buttons, as such, it uses an automatic draw-activated mechanism. This means that the device will automatically fire when you pull on the mouthpiece. As a result, it is not complicated at all, so even if you do not have any vaping experience, getting used to this device should take only a few minutes at most. 

Other than the fact that the Vinci’s 800mAh battery can provide a full day of vaping for most vapers, the device also features a USB-C charging port located at the bottom of the battery for an easy plugin. Once plugged in, a light above the charging port will light up, indicating the battery life while the device charges. Thanks to the GENE AI chipset, you also get a plethora of safety features such as:

  • Overtime Protection
  • Output Over Current Protection
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Atomizer Short-Circuit Protection
Vinci Pod Kit by VooPoo Review

Together with the device is a refillable 2ml Vinci pod. Just like most pod kits, the VooPoo Vinci makes use of a plastic pod rather than a glass tank. The pod comes with an integrated 0.8 Ohm coil and it features a new leak-resistant structure so your ejuice does not spill even when you carry it in your bag. Thanks to the integrated coil, there is no need to mess around with coil changing. It features a convenient refill method using a side filling port that is covered by a high-quality silicone bing. 

The mouth-to-lung (MTL) experience is smooth, making use of high PG e liquids like Nic Salts or 50/50 blends. You can adjust the MTL experience using a sliding button on the side of the Vinci device to either give you a loose or more restrictive draw. 

Here is what you get in the VooPoo Vince Pod Kit;

  • 1 x VooPoo Vinci 800mAh 
  • 1 x VooPoo Vinci 2ml Pod
  • 1 x USB C charging cable
  • 1 x User Manual

It is sold for £19.99 on

STLTH Pod System Review

4 May 2021 Hardware

The STLTH is a fully closed pod system that only requires you to purchase your refillable pods from any of the brands in the STLTH pods lineup; Savage, Z- Pods, LABO LVS, Shijin, PACHAMAMA, Twisted Tea, Don Cristo, Japello’s, SOI, Peak, Ultimate 100, VIA, Decoded and Hope.

This device features a super stylish metallic finish in five different colors to suit your preference; blue, gold, red, green and rose gold.

How it works!
The STLTH is designed in such a way that mirrors traditional cigarettes, both in design and function. It makes use of a disposable magnetic-ceramic coil pod which produces a vape experience that satisfies an ex-smoker just like a traditional cigarette. Since the coils are embedded in the pods which are purchased separately, there’s no need to neither replace coils nor refill e-liquids.

The battery capacity of 420mAh makes it a perfect vape device for an all-day vape. It is designed to charge for one hour, 30 minutes after which you can vape for a full day without running on battery power. It also allows for a Mouth-To-Lung vape, a vaping style that allows you inhale and hold in your mouth for some seconds before inhaling into your lungs.

Like regular pod systems, the device does not need you pressing buttons to activate it, just simply draw to fire. At the lower part of the device, you would find a small white LED indicator but it does not come on when you fire.

Hazetown Vapes; your Toronto Vape store
You can purchase this device as well as replacement pods from Hazetown Vapes, one of the best in-store and online vape store situated in Toronto, Canada. Visit to purchase this device for $17.00. Hazetown Vapes offers a same-day delivery service from Monday to Friday for local customers in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Markham and Vaughan. To qualify for this service, you have to place your orders before 12pm.

Smok Nord Replacement Coils - The Go-To Companion of The Smok Nord

Smok Nord Replacement Coils Review

8 Apr 2021 Hardware

If you are looking for a high-quality yet affordable vaping device to get started with if you are new, or you just need a device to carry around when on the go, the Smok Nord is always an ideal choice. The device is incredibly portable; measuring 94mm x 30mm x 18.8mm, lightweight so it does not give you any hassle while you vape, and allows you to vape anywhere from 10watts to 5watts so you get to enjoy a rich amount of vapor from your ejuice. The device uses a single fire button that makes it even easier to use. It comes with a chunky 1100mAh battery so you can enjoy vaping all day. All these are great, but another thing is the 

The Nord device is priced considerably cheaper than many other pod devices of its type. However, unlike most other pod devices, the Smok Nord vape pods make use of actual coils which are slotted at the bottom of the mouthpiece, and the mouthpiece itself is detachable. This makes it easy for you to replace the coils just the same way as it is easy for you to refill and slot the mouthpiece back into the Nord and vape. 

Smok Nord Replacement Coils - The Go-To Companion of The Smok Nord

When installing the coils, you only need to prime them with a few drops of ejuice for a few minutes, this is especially if it is a brand new coil. Once you are done priming, you can move ahead and slot the coil into the bottom of the mouthpiece. The coils lock in place with a satisfying click and then you can go ahead with the rest.

Enough about the device, let’s get down to business i.e. the reason why more and more vapers keep choosing the Smok Nord device over many other options in the vaping market.

What is better than having an exceptional device? It is having to keep that exceptional experience for as long as possible, and one way to do that is with the ingenious idea of replacement coils. Smok does not just have regular coils, their replacement coils are available in four variations of resistances and coil configurations so every vaper can find an ideal suit. 

Smok Nord Replacement Coils - The Go-To Companion of The Smok Nord

Each of the coils features stainless steel to promote lifespan. They also utilize organic cotton wicking with several wicking holes to make sure you are rewarded with even and consistent flavor from your ejuice. The coils have two O-rings, one at the top and one at the bottom to give the coil a simple and easy system of operation. Here are the different choices of replacements coils that Smok has made available:

  • Smok Nord Mesh Coil 0.6ohm: This coil is a mouth-to-lung (MTL) coil that is designed particularly for sub-ohm vapers. The coil sports a single honeycombed Kanthal mesh coil structure that produces a thick and full vapor whenever you exhale. Its mesh design also promotes rapid ramp-up time so you can get to vaping immediately. This Smok Nord Mesh Coil 0.6ohm has a maximum output wattage of 25watts.
  • Smok Nord Mesh Coil 0.8ohm: These coils are also designed for slightly loose mouth-to-lung vaping. The coils deliver rich flavor. The drag might be loose but it is still comfortable enough to deliver a similar feel to that of a traditional cigarette. The Smok Nord Mesh Coil 0.8ohm has a maximum output wattage of 16watts.
  • Smok Nord Regular Coil 1.4ohm: Unlike the previous coils, these are designed to deliver a restricted mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping experience. The coil utilizes a regular standard coil that allows you to enjoy the same sensation as that of combustibles. Smok Nord Regular Coil 1.4ohm has a maximum output wattage of 12watts.
  • Smok Nord Ceramic Coil 1.4ohm: These are high temperature resistant ceramic coils. Amidst all of the other coils, this one has the longest life span and can deliver rich and consistent flavor. 

You can get any of the Smok Nord replacement coils on for £11.99. Each replacement coil comes in a pack containing 5 coils so you would not have to worry about buying another pair for a long time. 

DIY E-liquid making Tips

8 Apr 2020 Hardware

DIY e-juice makers know that it can be a struggle to find the perfect e-liquid recipe. Sometimes, this difficulty arises when you want to move from basic, single flavors to more complex vape juice flavors like cookie and candy blends. Fruity e-liquids are generally the most simple. Even creating a fruity cocktail vape liquid is not as difficult as creating a dessert flavor. With that said, if you are new to DIY e-liquids, I suggest that you start by experimenting with fruity blends. On the other hand, if you are looking to take things to the next level, try your hands on dessert and beverage vapes. In this article, we’ll provide a few tips to make it easier for you to discover and recreate a great DIY vape juice recipe.

  1. Have a Clear Picture of What You are Trying to Create
    The first and perhaps the most important step to creating a great-tasting vape juice is to have a clear image of what you are trying to make. For example, if you want to create a sour candy vape juice, it is recommended that you go back to taste your favorite sour candy. This will give you a clear mental picture of what you want to make. Sometimes, by doing this, you can determine which flavor concentrates to mix to give you the same taste.
  2. Check E-Liquid Recipes Online
    If you do not have any reference to base your e-liquid on, check out e-liquid recipes online for guidance. For example, if I am trying to create an e-juice based on the flavor of my favorite candy treat that is no longer produced, the best way to do this would be to check online and see if there are any recipes for this e-juice flavor. The chances are that other people are interested in this flavor and have experimented with recipes that you can benefit from. When referring to online recipes, feel free to improve them if you have ideas that can make the e-juice flavor better.
  3. Measure Your Ingredients Carefully
    Another important step to ensure that your e-liquid comes out well is to measure the ingredients carefully. Using too much sweetener or too much of any particular ingredient can ruin the flavor. There is a tendency among DIY vape juice makers to use too much of a particular flavor in a bid to enrich the flavor. However, this usually has the opposite effect. Practice moderation when making combining ingredients to make your DIY e-juice. After all, you can always add more flavoring later if you are not satisfied with the final product.

If you are looking to buy flavor concentrates to make the best vape juice, check out This company, which has been around since 2013, is based in Washington and is dedicated to excellence. All Flavorah e-juice flavor concentrates are made with food-grade ingredients. They do not contain diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or any other diketones. This company has a vast array of flavors to choose from. What’s more, Flavorah has a huge database of e-liquid recipes that you can choose from.

Wotofo STNG RDA Review

16 Jan 2020 Hardware

The Wotofo STNG is one of the best MTL RDA on the market today. This atomizer was created in collaboration with Russian YouTuber Uncle Stas (he runs a YouTube channel called Vapor Place). This is a very simple RDA. It is designed to allow you to enjoy the flavor of your e-juice to the max. Let’s take a closer look at this Wotofo RDA

The Wotofo STNG RDA is a cute little device like other atomizers from this company. It is made of stainless steel. The dimensions of this atomizer are 43.15mm by 22mm. As you can tell from its name, this RDA is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. It comes with a single airflow hole on the side. You can turn the top cap to adjust the airflow. With the airflow hole wide open, you get a loose MTL hit. You can close it if you prefer a tighter draw.

The Wotofo STNG comes with two 510 drip tips. One of them is thicker. However, they both have a small 3mm bore to support MTL vaping. You can probably fit any 510 drip tip on this atty. However, I find that the one it comes with works just fine.

The Wotofo STNG can be used with normal mech mods or squonk mods. It comes with a squonk pin and many other tools. The RDA can fit on any mod with a diameter of 22mm or more without any overhang. You can use this device to vape either nic salts or freebase nicotine e-liquids.

To access the build deck of the Wotofo STNG, you simply have to remove the top cap. It comes off smoothly. The build deck looks beautiful. This RDA coil deck has a clamp-style design. There are two spring-loaded posts with Philips head screws. Also, the juice wells on the deck are really deep. Fixing a coil to this deck is a fun experience. The Wotofo STNG comes with two pre-built coils. There is a 0.8 ohm Nickel 80 dual-core fused Clapton coil and a 1.2 ohm Nickel 80 single strand coil. As indicated above, the Wotofo STNG comes with all the tools you’ll need to set up your coil, including a pack of cotton.

The single airflow hole, the dome shape of the top cap, and deep juice well of the Wotofo STNG come together to give you intense flavor. If you are a flavor chaser, you will love this RDA. I guess the only con of the Wotofo STNG is that you need to take off the top cap every time you want to drip e-juice on your coils. Thankfully, the juice wells on the deck are deep, so you do not have to drip often. Also, the device can be used as a squonker.

You can get the Wotofo STNG RDA at the Wotofo online store for just $29.99. This is $5 off the original price. You can get extra Clapton coils from this vape shop.

OG Kush CBD Terpenes by CBDfx Review

28 Dec 2019 Hardware

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil’s secret is out. Now that many people have already vouched for its true benefits, I would not be surprised to see this emerging market to hit the mainstream soon. Even clinical studies have proven that CBD oil can help relieve stress, ease pain, and a whole lot more other benefits.

But sometimes, a hero also needs his sidekick. And I guess, this is what CBD oil with terpenes is best described. Other may take it for granted, but terpenes actually play a supporting role.

According to research, terpenes come from the same plant as CBD. One of its functions is to provide plants their distinct aroma and taste. Love that smell of roses? That’s terpenes at work. When it comes to our health, terpenes also have its own superpowers — equipped with anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties.

But when CBD and terpenes work hand in hand, they can achieve the so-called entourage effect together. So what about this effect? Studies show that terpenes can help cannabinoids pass through the bloodstream easier and lower than the blood-to-brain barrier. Moreover, they also interact with different receptors in the body, producing a stronger effect than any one of the components used alone.

In short, terpenes are awesome.

We definitely want to enjoy both of these worlds, right?

Now, to ensure we get what we deserve, it is important to pick a brand that guarantees to deliver premium quality ingredients.

Where do I buy then?

The curiosity in me has allowed me to jump from one brand to another. It was not an easy journey, and it can be frustrating at times. Of the brands I tried, one of the few that always excel and never disappointed is CBDfx.

Do you know how happy I was when they released this CBD with terpenes vape juices and vape pens? I was celebrating like crazy!

I am a discreet vaper and I hate complicated setups so vape pen was my go-to. The pen is pre-filled with full-spectrum, organic CBD that has less than 0.3% THC (legal) and is extracted completely through a clean CO2 method. All its products are absolutely natural and free from any filler ingredients or chemicals (yay!) to ensure potency and purity is 100% delivered.

Interestingly, they come in four different flavors. Of which, the OG Kush CBD Terpenes was my favorite. I love the familiar taste of that original cannabis strain that my palette can easily recognize. Of course, it is not as boring as you think. CBDfx made sure it is unique from others by adding some rich notes of pine and zesty lemon, flavors that are still close to nature.

The pen comes with 50mg of CBD. At first, I thought it was way too low, but as soon as I tried it, the potency was just enough for me. And I think this medium strength will work well with the majority of the clients.

In addition, although this vape pen is low in CBD, it is extremely rich in terpenes and other beneficial compounds. And true enough, a little goes a long way already. You can decide how many puffs you want to take, and you can easily feel the effects in just a short amount of time.

I think the simplicity of the setup is what attracted me most. I do not need to press any buttons or charge any batteries. Most of all, I do not have to set up anything or even read complicated manuals. Just one draw and I’m off to go. As easy as that, folks!

Interested? CBDfx OG Kush CBD Terpenes Vape Pen is up for grabs for less than 20 bucks only. You can trust CBDfx vape pens. If you are not feeling the herbal taste, other flavors are also available on the website. But most importantly, if 50mg is really not enough for you, which I likely doubt, then CBD oil with terpenes vape juices are also for sale at higher CBD concentrations, between 250mg and 1000mg in fact.

By far, I think I will stick with the vape pen for now.

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