Analogue – A traditional tobacco cigarette.

Atomizer – Component that heats up the e-liquid into vapour.

Dry Burn – The process of cleaning an atomizer by repeatedly pulsing the battery until the coil reaches red hot temperatures.

Dry Hit – When the atomizer doesn’t receive enough e-liquid and a drag is taken, you’ll have a burnt-like taste.

E-liquid – Liquid that is used in electronic cigarettes for producing vapour and delivering nicotine (if added).

Electronic Cigarette – A personal vapour device.

mAh – Stands for milliampere-hours, meaning the battery’s total capacity. The larger the value, the longer the battery can run without needing a recharge.

Ohm Ω – Preceded by a numerical value, it usually refers to the resistance of the coil inside the atomizer.

PG – Propylene Glycol  – Used as one of the ingredients of e-liquid, responsible for a stronger throat hit.

Throat Hit – Sensation in the throat after inhaling vapour.

Vaper – Person who uses an electronic cigarette.

Vaping – Using an electronic cigarette.

Vapour – Produced by vaping, there is no combustion.

VG – Vegetable Glycerine  – Used as another one of the ingredients of e-liquid, responsible for vapour volume.

Last updated February 2014.