Sex on the Peach E-Liquid Review

12 May 2017 E-liquid

After tasting Berry Blast Premium E-Juice,  Sex on the Peach e-liquid, I was eager to get to work on the next bottle I had ordered from 180 Smoke Vape Shop. Described as a refreshing cocktail with delicious peaches with a hint of mint, I thought the flavor sounded like a good mix, and that’s exactly how it played out.

For many of the more advanced sub-O vapers,  Sex on the Peach is a popular choice for a few reasons, one of which is their reputation for juice that can easily handle the extreme wattage produced by super sub-O coils.

With that knowledge, I pulled my Atomic from the PGA it had been soaking in, dried it off, and wrapped a .52O dual kanthal coil wicked with XC-116. I then reached for my most great mod, The Duke, a variable voltage device with a 10 amp capability, and a total possible output of 50 watts. With everything ready to go, I sat down and began the review process.

Flavor Note
Before I get too much further into this review, it should also be pointed out that I spent some time with this juice in a more standard rig, a Kanger evod topped with a high-end 510 dripping atomizer, and it is exceptionally tasty within the normal vaping wattage spectrum.

At lower wattage (I preferred it around 9.6w on the Kanger or 4.9v on a 2.5O atty) the mint, which is a fresh, crisp flavor, (miles away from menthol) is a bit stronger than I had expected it to be, but it works exceedingly well with the cocktail and peaches in the profile.

The cocktail used in Sex on the Peach for this juice seems to be a mix of cantaloupe and honeydew, with a light, subtle sweetness that is complimented by the sweeter, almost candy-like bubblegum.

With the innately refreshing nature of the profile, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn there may be the taste of a refreshing cocktail. A logical choice considering how well it works with both cocktail and peach.

I was hopeful that cranking up the wattage would help me to discern if I was tasting cucumber or not, and while I still can’t be sure, (I polished off the entire bottle in a futile attempt to ascertain if the cuke was present or not.) I found that total wattage affects this juice in a rather interesting way.

As is often the case, certain aspects of the profile are exaggerated by the additional heat, in this case, it’s both the cocktail and peach. The mint also increases in volume with wattage, but only up to a point. Once you get over ~28w, the mint begins to degrade from the profile, never completely disappearing, but becoming more the hint that it’s described as by Sex on the Peach.

Throat Hit and Cloud Production

I actually preferred vaping the profile warmer. At 35+ watts, the melon and bubble gum flavors are taken to their maximum potential, while cutting back just a hair on the peach, allowing it to become more of a background note.

If you have the luxury of variable voltage, I will encourage you to find your sweet spot. This juice tastes great all over the spectrum, from 7 to 47 watts, albeit with differing ratios presenting in the profile, depending on just how much wattage you pump through your atomizer. Overall, this is a sweet yet refreshing blend and one I’m quite taken with.

It’s not a mixture I’ve tasted previously, but with its fresh, crisp tone, it’s one I’m certainly intrigued by. Even at the lower wattage, the flavor is good, just a bit on the lighter side, while producing above average clouds with a mild, but not absent, throat hit.

With higher wattage, you can expect a significant increase in both flavor and vapor production, although even at extreme temperatures, throat hit remains on the softer side.

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