Review of Billions E-liquid by Humble Juice

15 Jun 2017 E-liquid


This is an all-American baked apple pie flavor.


80Vg /20PG


Natural & Art Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerine, and USP NicSelect Nicotine


After receiving the bottle, I didn’t use it immediately because the scent was still a tad bit strong for me. Although it was stated on the label that it has been pre-steeped for two weeks or longer, I still felt it needed a week more on stand-by. So I did, and the result suits me better.

Manufacturing Company

Billions e-liquid is created by a California-based American company named Humble Juice. Billions is one of the flavors of the Havoc collection produced by Humble Juice Co. They are known as one of the fastest growing juice companies in the vaping industry. They have the passion for creating high-quality juices for the vaping community. Their prices do not disappoint either as they offer inexpensive yet quality e-juices.  Based on their website, they do not charge any shipping fees for orders above $19.99. That is such a good deal since most are priced higher than that! The website’s look is very neat, simple and easy to navigate through. As a cherry on top, they have excellent service and after-sales support.


Billions is priced at $33.99 per bottle. True enough, Humble Juice Co gives high importance to value for money. I couldn’t believe the price for an e-liquid this good.

Packaging and Design

Based on their website, this comes in one size only. It’s available in 180 ml. The Havoc collection is the biggest in size among all three of Humble’s lines. They have the super-sized bottling for these flavors. I don’t mind buying the larger quantity since the flavor justifies it. However, I wish it comes with a smaller bottle so I can bring it on-the-go and not worry about it being bulky. It is packed in a clear plastic bottle with a sticker label. It has a glue top cover for easier refilling. The label has the Havoc logo and flavor name printed on it. The look is very simple and clean except for the pop of colors on the label. It looks plain and basic but still striking.

Flavor and Taste

When it comes to e-liquid flavors, I’m the one who has a weakness for anything pie or pastry flavor. I think those flavor profiles are the best vape juice for me. Humble has done well with Billions since the apple pie flavor is on point. It hits the bullseye! There is a perfect balance between the apple and cinnamon ratio. It is not too sweet or too tarty. Plus, you can taste a bit of crunchy baked pastry making the apple pie flavor more real. You can still taste the apple vividly and how it’s complemented by the cinnamon and crunchy pie undertones. The flavor is delicious with every inhale and exhale. I enjoy that cinnamon kick towards the tail end as you exhale. Overall, the taste is vibrant and rich. I am surely keeping this in my rotation for a long time.

Throat Hit

At 80 VG, I am sure that the TH will go well with the nicotine content. Billion is available in three variants; 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. I usually go for 3 mg and power it up around 50-70W depending on the builds I’m using. I used this on my TFV8, and the TH is very smooth. I like how it does not give me any burnt or dry hits.

Vapor Production

The scent of this e-liquid is concentrated more on the apple notes. I like that it has the fruity scent but with a toasted pie undertone. As mentioned earlier, this is a high VG mix so decent cloud production is in order. It did not let me down since I got huge dense clouds that stayed afloat and lingered. I usually fire it up at 60 watts with the airflows half open to sustain the flavor while having max clouds.  It has that cooling effect as well. In all honesty, Billions is a perfect ADV for me.

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