Kratom A Natural Herb <em>Kratom</em> Has Therapeutic <em>Benefits</em>

Manage Opium Withdrawal Symptoms

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is an evergreen grown in Southeast Asia. The plant contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine and is used as an alternative approach for pain management. Furthermore, kratom serves as an opioid receptor and substitute for opium. Therefore, grab kratom products at choicekratom to help you manage opium withdrawal symptoms of opium dependency.

Boost Energy

 Another benefit of kratom is that it acts as an energy-boosting stimulant. Kratom supplied by Choice Botanicals is top-grade, tested by third-party labs, and American Kratom Association certified and GMP compliant. It is challenging to predict the potency and impact of kratom because the concentration level in each dose determines them. Nevertheless, lower kratom doses produce stimulating effects for enhancing energy, alertness, and sociability. On the other hand, high doses not only serve as pain relievers but also induce emotions of happiness.

Pain Relief

Although kratom has sedative effects and relieves pain, it is hard to determine the kratom strain for relieving pain.

  • Maeng Da Kratom (Green strain) is one of the effective strains that aids in mood enhancement, pain relief, and better focus.
  • Borneo Kratom (White strain) provides calmness that reduces anxiety and tension. Additionally, this strain will boost your mood and manage panic disorders and insomnia.
  • Bali Kratom (Red strain) relieves pain, is a mind booster, and reduces insomnia-related symptoms.

Mental Stimulation

Enhancing cognitive abilities is one of the many benefits of kratom, which has become increasingly popular as individuals look for novel ways to increase their productivity.

White strains/ Borneo Kratom are well recognized for increasing alertness and attention, enabling users to concentrate.

In essence, the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine in kratom facilitate the release of acetylcholine, a compound in the nervous system that functions as a neurotransmitter.

This compound aids in promoting mental clarity so that you may remain focused and calm.

Diabetes Management

Kratom is popular for its pain-relieving properties; however, it is gaining popularity as a natural supplement to manage diabetes. It is important to note that there is no evidence directly proving the efficacy of kratom in treating diabetes. Users indicate that kratom treats diabetes by suppressing appetite. Individuals with diabetes crave sugary foods that exacerbate the condition. Hence, kratom is beneficial for suppressing appetite and managing diabetes by reducing cravings for unhealthy foods. This property is essential in managing calorie intake and controlling weight gain. Maintaining a healthy body weight is hard in people with diabetes; using kratom from Choice Botanicals can help manage weight.

Furthermore, kratom has pain and stress-relieving properties, making it important for people with diabetes. Stress and pain affect the level of blood glucose crucial in diabetes. The white strain kratom is ideal for relieving pain and stress.

Diabetic patients also experience low energy levels. When blood sugar increases, people with diabetes experience low energy. Kratom’s psychoactive properties can reduce fatigue making diabetic patients experience an increase in energy due to the euphoria.

Bottom Line

 A moderate dosage of kratom is beneficial in managing diabetes, relieving pain, boost energy or mental stimulation. Nonetheless, there is no concrete proof of Kratom’s efficacy in managing diabetes.

Hear What Others Smokers Have To Say About TAAT Zero Tobacco Cigarettes

The TAAT zero tobacco cigarettes are an answer to almost every smoker’s desire for a healthier smoking alternative without having to give up on precious smoking rituals. TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd has created the TAAT brand of nicotine and tobacco-free cigarettes. With its trademark TAAT Beyond Tobacco mix, TAAT has you covered if you’re searching for a gadget that will give your taste buds a good tobacco sensation while simultaneously allowing you to wean yourself off nicotine. The nature of the device already emphasizes its purpose in the tobacco smoking industry, and since its debut, these cigarettes have continued to pique the interest of many smokers around the country. 

What The TAAT Cigarette Offers

At first glance it may be a little tricky to differentiate the TAAT from a regular tobacco cigarette, and this is what the manufacturer aimed at achieving. Even after you light it , you may still be left thinking it’s just a regular old tobacco cigarette which it is not. TAATs are cigarettes, but they’re not like the ones you’d find in a tobacco or hemp shop. For starters, they aren’t tobacco cigarettes because they don’t contain nicotine or tobacco. The manufacturers developed a patent-pending extraction method that uses a base material dubbed Beyond Tobacco(TM) that undergoes a 14-step refining process to mimic tobacco flavor, smell, and smoke.

Hemp was chosen as the major material since it comprises up to 90% of the total ingredient. One would expect that because it contains hemp like any other original CBD smokes, there should be some type of proportion. Despite the fact that the producers do not stress the health and wellness advantages of hemp as an ingredient in the TAAT, they do state that each stick includes up to 25mg of CBD. They assure that the THC content is less than 0.2 percent, so you won’t experience the well-known cannabis high. This means that it is not only legal, but it also means that you will not get high from smoking.

Flavor Profile

TAAT offers three nicotine-free cigarettes: TAAT Original, TAAT Smooth, and TAAT Menthol, each with its own distinct flavor. The thing about these flavors is that they’re made to taste like the flavors of well-known brands. The TAAT’s creators were able to bridge the gap even further with the sensation of a typical tobacco cigarette by doing so.

Each of the flavors is distinct and promises a pleasurable smoking experience. The TAAT Original  has a huge, powerful, and bold flavor that will satisfy your taste buds every time you inhale. If you appreciate strong flavors like Marlboro Red, Winston, or American Spirit Blue, this is the flavor for you. On the other hand, the TAAT Menthol, which is one of their most popular, has a minty freshness to it, akin to Newport and Kool cigarettes. Lastly, the TAAT Smooth is for smokers that prefer milder smokes. It delivers a rich, deep, and velvety flavor that is much like a Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, or Pall Mall Blue cigarette.

Pricing and Availability

The TAAT, like any other tobacco cigarette, is available online and in convenience stores. Each TAAT pack contains 20 FSC-certified cigarette rolls. TAAT cigarettes have the same flip-top cover as standard cigarette packs, as well as the TAAT brand name, symbol, and information printed on the box body, lending them a cigarette-box-like appearance. You can buy a pack of TAAT smokes for $6.99 at To get a free pack, simply follow the steps below:

If you are on a desktop;

  • Text “FREEPACK” to 1-812-408-3315

If you are shopping on mobile;

  • You can visit their website
  • Create an account
  • Enter the promo code, and 
  • Enjoy your free pack of TAATs 

CBD Oil Dog Tincture (Chicken Flavor) by CBDfx Review

5 Jun 2022 CBD Review

Engage your dog’s endocannabinoid system and promote its optimum health with the CBD Oil Dog Tincture Chicken Flavor by CBDfx. Pets require constant attention and care, and as pet owners, all we want is the best for them. CBD is a versatile cannabinoid that interacts with the endocannabinoid system in humans and other animals, including dogs, to bring about numerous therapeutic benefits. This product, for example, is an excellent anti-inflammatory, wellness-promoting, and calming agent that guarantees the health and happiness of your beloved dog. Below is a highlight of all the features that make this CBD for dogs product the one for your pet.

About CBDfx

CBDfx was founded in 2014 and has since grown to become an international brand, a leader among CBD-centered companies. The brand prides itself on producing top-tier products ranging from CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD vapes, Delta 8 and Delta 9 products, mushrooms extracts, and CBD gummies. All the cannabinoids and other phytochemicals are extracted using the CO2 technique to ensure purity and potency. The hemp used is organic, so you can be assured of a natural, non-vegan, and organic end-product. CBDfx is currently the second-largest privately held CBD brand globally.

Product description

Broad-spectrum CBD – guaranteed entourage effect

The CBD Oil Dog Tincture is made from broad-spectrum CBD, meaning it contains all the compounds present in a hemp plant, except for the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. It is believed that these compounds work in unison to provide improved benefits for humans and pets compared to consuming individual compounds.

This dog tincture provides calming effects that keep your pet’s nerves in check. Dogs are prone to experience anxiety, agitation, and mixed feelings, and this formulation helps cool everything down and provides a deep sense of peace. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help with joint pain that affects young and older dogs of all breeds. Lastly, this revolutionary CBD pet blend offers overall wellness benefits by working hand in hand with the ECS to maintain a state of homeostasis.

Bold, mouthwatering flavor

To make administration easier, CBDfx produces this tincture in a natural flavor chicken that is guaranteed to have your dog wagging its tail. The flavor is reminiscent of delicious chicken soup, displaying the attention to detail this brand adheres to.

Human grade CBD

The CBD Oil Dog Tincture is made from the same hemp plants used to make regular CBD. This means that it is safe for your pet. CBDfx uses the most efficient phytochemical extraction technique to guarantee the purity and safety of the final product. The tincture contains human-grade CBD that is free of solvents, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that might endanger your precious pet’s health. 

Rapid absorption rate

 The  CBD Oil Dog Tincture incorporates MCT oil for rapid absorption. The formulation has an onset of effects of 15 to 20 minutes when taken sublingually and around 30 to 90 minutes when consumed orally. Your dog will start experiencing the benefits of CBD in record time due to their super-fast metabolic rate. The recommended dose is half a dropper in the morning and half a dropper in the evening. You can administer the tincture orally or incorporate it into your pet’s favorite treats. 

It comes in varying strengths.

Are you wondering whether the  CBD Oil Dog Tincture is made for your dog’s size? Well, worry no more. This product comes in varying strengths to cater to the needs of all sizes, weights, and breeds. It is available in: 250mg for small breeds (under 20lb), 500mg  for medium breeds (20-60lb), 1000mg for large breeds (60lb+), and 2000mg extra-strength for large breeds (100lb+).

CBDFx CBD Gummies Review

There are many reasons to choose gummies if you are looking for a way to use CBD. Gummies are my favorite of all types of CBD products on the market. You can get gummies of different flavors and they are usually delicious (if yours isn’t change the brand). One of the main reasons gummies are cool is because of the intense effects you feel. Unlike oils, vape juice, creams, capsules, and other types of CBD products, gummies have a longer and more pronounced effect. This is because CBD has to go through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. This also means that, unlike other methods, it will take a longer time to feel the effects of CBD when you choose gummies (it’s worth the wait).

Many brands are offering different types of CBD gummy flavors, this post will focus on CBDFx, a hemp brand based out of Los Angeles. This company has been producing high-quality hemp products for years and has amassed an impressive collection spanning vape juice, tinctures, oils, CBD for pets, multivitamins, and several others.CBD GummiesCBD Gummies

The CBDFx CBD gummy collection is packed with top-notch gummies that are delicious and also packed with healthy ingredients. CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina is one of the most popular in the collection.

CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina are delicious and offer a blend of high-quality CBD, turmeric, and spirulina. These CBD gummies are sweetened with agave and have a pleasant taste. The combination of ingredients in these CBD gummies makes them very healthy. Both turmeric and spirulina are packed with different amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients that the body needs. Besides turmeric and spirulina, CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina also contain high-quality broad-spectrum CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC. These gummies contain 50mg of CBD per serving, 50mg of Spirulina, and 20mg of Turmeric. CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina contain all-natural ingredients, are GMO-free, and with 100 percent Vegan.

CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina contains 60 gummies per jar. It is recommended that you take two gummies per day. A bottle of CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina is sold for $54.99 at the CBDFx online store.

CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower is another impressive gummy by CBDFx. As you can tell by the name, these gummies are designed to promote sleep.

CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower contains a blend of high-quality CBD, chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower, all blended to get you sleeping without tossing and turning. This CBDFx product contains 50mg CBD per serving, 20mg Passion Flower, 20mg Chamomile, and Lemon Balm.

CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower are potent and should be taken as recommended. CBDFx recommends taking two gummies 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower also contains 60 gummies per jar. A bottle of CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower is sold for $54.99 at the CBDFx online store.

Visit CBDFx for more information about other CBD Gummies. CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina 1500mg

CBDfx’s Unwind Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBN Relax Blend


CBDfx is a company based in California that seeks to harness the power of plants to promote health and wellness. This company has always been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Starting with CBD products infused with other natural ingredients like spirulina, curcumin, turmeric, and more, CBDfx now makes CBD products blended with mushroom oil as well as delta-9 THC. In this post, we’ll focus on CBDfx’s Unwind Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBN Relax Blend.


This CBDfx tincture oil contains broad-spectrum CBD, CBN (cannabinol), and a range of mushrooms including reishi, maitake, and turkey tail. The product also contains MCT oil (to aid absorption), lemon flavor (to mask the herbal, earthy hemp and mushroom taste). Elderberry, vegetable glycerine, terpenes, xanthan gum, purified water. 

CBDfx uses CBD extract sourced from organic hemp plants grown in the rich soils of Kentucky. The broad-spectrum extract used in this product contains less than 0.3% THC. This means it won’t get you high or produce any significant psychotropic effect. 

The experts at CBDfx decided to add a generous dosage of CBN to this tincture. CBN is found in aged cannabis plants. It is created as THC degenerates. CBN is known to have powerful neuroprotective properties. It is also a sleep aid and is effective at providing relief from pain. 

Reishi mushrooms are known for their bitter taste and powerful health benefits. This fungus grows primarily in Asia, in humid places. Reishi mushrooms have been used as medicine for hundreds of years. It is known to boost the immune system, combat fatigue and depression, support a healthy heart, control blood sugar levels, fight against cancer and it also has antioxidant properties. Reishi mushrooms are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and amino acids. 

Maitake mushrooms are a powerful adaptogen that has been used in China, Japan, and North America for many years. The word ‘maitake’ means dancing and refers to the fact that people were overjoyed and danced upon finding this mushroom in the wild in feudal Japan. Maitake mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, beta-glucans, vitamins B and C, copper, potassium, fiber, amino acids, and other minerals. It has a lot of health benefits including lowering cholesterol levels, reducing glucose levels in diabetes patients, combating cancer, and so much more. 

Turkey tail mushrooms get their name from their colorful and fan-like shape. This mushroom grows in different parts of the world. It is rich in vitamin B3, D, antioxidants, and many other compounds. Turkey tail mushrooms can help to fight cancer, obesity, and also support the immune system.

How to Use This Tincture  

As you can tell from its name, this product is designed to help you relax and unwind. It is great for people dealing with stress or who just want something to help them take the load off after a busy day. Apart from helping you relax, this product also promotes overall wellness and strengthens the immune system. 

To use this tincture, simply put one full dropper under your tongue. Keep it in your mouth for at least 30 seconds before you swallow it. You can also choose to mix it with your food or drink.

All CBDfx products are made with all-natural ingredients and are gluten-free, GMO-free, cruelty-free, solvent-free, and are suitable for vegans. The company’s products are tested by an independent third-party laboratory before they hit the shelves. You’ll find the test result online. 

CBDfx Delta-9 THC drops +CBD – The ultimate chill blend review

Tetrahydrocannabinol comes in various variations, but Delta-9 THC is the most popular and surrounded by controversy. The compound is intoxicating, meaning it alters the mind to cause a ‘high.’ This feature has made it a banned substance for centuries until studies showed that it is more than a psychotropic substance. Delta-9 THC has numerous therapeutic benefits and is an essential element in the ‘entourage effect.’

The entourage effect refers to heightened effects associated with the combination of different compounds found in cannabis plants. Combining cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids produces better and more potent effects than using a particular cannabinoid. The entourage effect is more pronounced with the presence of Delta-9 THC. 

About CBDfx

CBDfx is a CBD-centered company that manufactures superior products to provide health and wellness to its consumers. The brand was established in 2014 and has, over the years, gained a solid reputation and popularity across the US and UK. All its products are natural, safe, and made with top-notch technology. The company is involved in the entire process from seed to product to ensure quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction. 

One of CBDfx’s popular products is the Delta-9 THC drops +CBD. It is commonly referred to as the ultimate chill blend due to its ability to offer total relaxation, calmness, and a deep sense of peace. Let’s look deeper into this Delta-9 THC oil.

Product feature: CBDfx Delta-9 THC drops +CBD

If all you need is relaxation, calmness, and a clear mind, you are in the right place. The Delta-9 THC drops +CBD will help you unwind without racing thoughts, tension, or anxiety. The product is designed to offer maximum relaxation and a fulfilling sense of peace for hours. Below are some of the qualities you can expect from this revolutionary oil.

Invigorating flavor

Strawberry is the kind of flavor that excites the palate and leaves behind a sweet aftertaste. The Delta-9 THC drops +CBD is made from natural blueberry flavoring to enhance the overall taste and appeal. 

Full-spectrum CBD

Besides CBD and THC, this product contains minor cannabinoids like CBN and CBA. CBDfx also adds a proprietary blend of relaxing and calming terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils. This mixture produces magnified effects to the advantage of the consumer. 

Varying strengths

Delta-9 THC drops +CBD comes in varying strengths. 

  1. 1500mg of CBD and 67.5mg of THC in a 30ml bottle
  2. 3000mg of CBD and 67.5mg of THC in a 30ml bottle
  3. 6000mg of CBD and 135mg of THC in a 60ml bottle

This makes it easy for consumers to choose their ideal strength depending on the frequency of use and biological factors. All the products have a maximum of 0.3% THC in compliance with the law. 

Natural product

All ingredients used are natural. The hemp is organically grown, MCT oil is from coconut, and the flavoring is made from natural ingredients. Delta-9 THC drops +CBD is organic, vegan, and non-GMO. 

Fast and efficient absorption

CBDfx utilizes MCT oil from coconuts in its products to facilitate faster and more efficient absorption. The rapid absorption rate means the effects present quicker (usually within 15 minutes).

Offers numerous benefits

Delta-9 THC drops +CBD offers 

  • Total relaxation
  • Relief from pain
  • Combats tension, pain, and anxiety
  • It puts you in a better position to sleep and rest
  • Fulfilling, peaceful mental state
  • Mood elevation
  • Eliminates stress 

How to consume and store Delta-9 THC drops +CBD

Each dropper carries 1ml of CBD. Fill the dropper with Delta-9 THC drops +CBD and drain the contents under the tongue. Let the oil stay there for 60 seconds and then swallow. Store the bottle in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or heat.

How to order Delta-9 THC drops +CBD

You can make your Delta-9 THC drops +CBD order on the CBDfx website. The product retails at $84.99. Enjoy free shipping for orders above $75. 

TAAT Review: Maybe We’ve Been Going About Combating Nicotine Addiction the Wrong Way

Nicotine addiction is a major issue today. Millions of people across the world are addicted to nicotine. According to the Nicotine Addiction Center, in the U.S. alone, that figure is around 50 million. There are numerous products designed to help people break their nicotine dependence. These products include nicotine patches, nicotine gums, nicotine inhalers, nicotine lozenges, nicotine nasal sprays, and more. While all these products are effective, there is a brand new alternative cigarette brand that may be the number one way to quit cigarettes.

TAAT is a hemp-based cigarette brand that was launched in December 2020. This zero-nicotine, zero-tobacco cigarette brand is on a mission to transform the alternative cigarette market. While other hemp-based cigarettes taste just like joints, TAAT tastes like cigarettes. The company describes the filler used in its cigarettes as Beyond Tobacco. 

The CEO of TAAT Setti Coscarella has revealed that the company was inspired by Beyond Meat. To make their unique alternative cigarettes, the TAAT team sources hemp buds grown in the US. These buds are combined with water and secret ingredients and processed using a patent-pending proprietary technique. The result is a cigarette filler that captures the taste and aroma of cigarettes with impressive accuracy. TAAT cigarettes do not just taste like cigarettes but have the same slow, consistent burn like cigarettes.

TAAT looks just like regular cigarettes. Each stick comes with FSC branded paper and has a filter like tobacco cigarettes. They also come in a flip-top pack.

The TAAT team infuses each stick of its alternative cigarettes with 25mg of CBD. So, when you use TAAT, you’re not just puffing on hemp, but you’re giving your body a generous dosage of this powerful cannabinoid.

TAAT seems like the perfect product for people who want to break their addiction to nicotine. However, the company isn’t focusing on people who want to quit nicotine. 

“Beyond Meat isn’t made of vegetarians. They put it in the meat aisle. It’s made for people who would otherwise eat meat, and I view Beyond Tobacco in the same way,” Coscarella told Forbes. “We’ve made a product that I feel would be appealing to people who smoke, and that’s why we put it in convenience stores, to give them an experience that would resemble that of a cigarette.”

TAATs are available in three flavors namely TAAT Original, TAAT Smooth, and TAAT Menthol. TAAT Original has a bold tobacco flavor like Marlboro Red or Winston. TAAT Smooth has a mild tobacco flavor like Marlboro Gold or Pall Mall Blue. TAAT Menthol has a rich minty flavor like Newport or KOOL. If you have ever longed for KOOL nicotine free smokes, check out TAAT Menthol. 

TAATs are legal in every part of the country where hemp products are legal. Each stick of TAAT contains 0.2% of THC. 

A pack of TAAT (with 20 sticks) costs only $6.99 and a carton of TAAT (with 10 packs) costs $59.99 at the company’s official online store. You can find TAAT at many convenience stores and smoke shops across the country. 

To learn more about TAAT, head over to

How To Enjoy Travelling With CBD

28 Nov 2021 CBD Review

It has become a known fact that CBD offers a great load of health benefits ranging from stress and anxiety relief to pain relief and much more. More so, it comes in different varieties such as tinctures, gummies, CBD oil, vape pens, bathing soaps, and even CBD for pets, all of which you can find on the CBDfx website. While its benefits are not so much of an issue today, what is more of a concern is how you can carry your CBD wellness with you, especially if you are a frequent traveler. Another way to put it is “is it advisable to carry or use CBD oil when traveling?”

First off, as a frequent traveler, you must understand the legality of CBD in the different parts of the world, even if you are just traveling interstate. This is because of the Farm Bill. Sure the bill legalized CBD-related products, but it is not exactly so even in some states in the US. More on this later.

So before you even talk about the safety of CBD in your bag while traveling, you want to make sure to check local laws so you do not breach any of them on account of cannabis or CBD.

We may have rushed in a little over there so let’s take a step back and discuss the substance. CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It is obtained from the cannabis plant but it doesn’t produce a high, unlike its counterpart THC. This is also one of the major reasons CBD is as popular as it is today.

THC is a chemical component present in cannabis plants that is responsible for the “high” associated with cannabis consumption. 

There have been reports of not just the physical benefits of CBD, but also of the mental benefits. CBD is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, including claims that it can assist with cancer, Alzheimer’s illness, Parkinson’s disease, depression, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Now back to why we are here. Is CBD oil good for traveling? The answer is YES! 

According to the Farm Bill of 2018, CBD derived from hemp is legalized at the federal level, meaning it can be carried across state borders, sold, and consumed. Whereas the CBD oil produced from marijuana is yet to be legalized in some states. One way to know which CBD oil is suitable for your travel is to carefully read its label, and also by the amount of THC it contains. The THC level in the CBD oil derived from hemp is kept below 0.3%, so it’s legal across the US. Just bear in mind that some states may have restrictions on it. Manufacturers like CBDfx ensure to keep all of their CBD products within the legal federal requirement i.e. with less than 0.3% THC. 

Laws and restrictions in other countries differ, so be mindful when traveling internationally, conduct good research on laws and regulations because the international law binding CBD isn’t clear. So, be on the safe side and avoid traveling with any CBD products when traveling unless you’re so sure of the country’s laws and restrictions.

Daily Cbd Oil

Final Tips

If you are going to be traveling, then you might prefer to travel with a variety of the available CBD products. CBDfx, the second-largest privately held CBD firm, specializes in providing full-spectrum CBD products that have undergone third-party testing to ensure their safety, among other things. As a result, you would have more faith in the company’s products. Some of their products include:

  • CBD+CBN night capsules for your sound and healthy sleep. It contains 900MG CBD
  • CBD oil for pets if you are going to be traveling with a furry friend. 
  • CBD+CBN oil calming tincture
  • CBD gummies with turmeric and spirulina
  • CBD gel capsules
  • CBD disposable vape pens if vaping is more your style

TAAT Menthol Zero Tobacco Cigarettes Review

14 Nov 2021 CBD Review

Tobacco smoking is one of the main reasons for tobacco-related diseases. Tobacco contains several toxins that can make an adverse effect on your well-being. Studies show that carcinogens in tobacco are the main cause of cancer among smokers. Many smokers are aware of this fact and are looking for alternatives that can provide them the same experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette. There are several alternatives to tobacco cigarettes available including vaping, herbal cigarettes, etc. Among these alternatives, most smokers prefer to use TAAT cigarettes. These cigarettes are completely free from toxins found in tobacco.

TAAT cigarettes are available in different flavors including Original, Smooth, and Menthol flavors. TAAT Menthol provides a refreshing coolness with every puff. It tastes similar to branded menthol-flavored cigarettes like Marlboro Menthol, Newport, and KOOL. TAAT Menthol allows you the experience the same taste of Newport without consuming the dangerous toxins in tobacco and nicotine. TAAT Menthol are essentially Newport nicotine free cigarettes. TAAT cigarettes are made of a proprietary plant blend that contains zero tobacco and zero nicotine. Even though it is free from tobacco and nicotine, the experience you receive while smoking will be exactly similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

TAAT menthol flavors contain CBD which is used to get relief from anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and many other health ailments. The CBD used in TAAT cigarettes is extracted from premium quality organic hemp. TAAT cigarettes never give you a high feeling as it contains traces of THC (0.2%). THC is the main psychoactive component in hemp that can provide a high feeling. The use of CBD products containing more than 0.3% THC is illegal in the US. The calmness and refreshing effect that the TAAT Menthol provides with each inhale is very enjoyable. The 2% food-grade FDA-approved ingredients in TAAT cigarettes support the delivery of cigarette-like flavor. The cracking sound of FSC branded paper used to roll TAAT contributes to the realistic tobacco-like experience.

TAAT Menthol pack comes in well-designed packing with a green theme. You can see the manufacturer’s logo on the front of the package. Usual product information and safety warning are also labeled on the package. TAAT cigarettes come in a flip-top cover that can be easily opened and closed just like a traditional tobacco cigarette pack. Each pack contains 20 menthol-flavored cigarettes. It is available for purchase at for a reasonable price of $6.99. The price is very cheap when compared to the price of branded tobacco cigarettes. Delivery services are offered to their customers in the US. Delivery cost varies according to the delivery location. Order placed will be delivered to the customers within 5 business days. Expedited delivery service is available for those who need to avail of fast delivery service. You have to pay additional to avail of the expedited delivery service.  

Smooth Non-tobacco Cigarettes by TAAT Beyond Nicotine Review

24 Sep 2021 CBD Review

Smooth is a non-tobacco and nicotine-free cigarette by TAAT. When you need to relax, Smooth is the ideal cigarette you need. This TAAT cigarette offers a light tobacco flavor that will appeal to smokers who enjoy American Spirit Yellow, Pall Mall Blue, and Marlboro. TAAT’s Smooth is ideal for people who want to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. It is produced using high-quality natural ingredients that are safe for smokers over 21 years old.

TAAT was launched in March 2021. This company with its headquarters in Las Vegas, and offers some of the best nicotine-free cigarettes on the market. TAAT uses Beyond Tobacco, a patented proprietary organic ingredient that is 100 percent tobacco-free. Beyond Tobacco gives Smooth and other TAAT products the feel and smell of tobacco.

Smooth by TAAT contains high-quality CBD derived from organically grown hemp. TAAT only sources its hemp from farmers in the US. Although Smooth is hemp-based, it has a low THC content. When you smoke these herbal cigarettes, you will not experience any of the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana use. As US federal law states, TAAT uses only hemp containing less than 0.3 percent THC.

Each TAAT stick contains 25mg of CBD and 0.2 percent THC. With Smooth you will still enjoy the benefits of CBD consumption although it smells and feels like traditional tobacco cigarettes. Smooth is not the only flavor by the TAAT brand. The other nicotine-free cigarettes by TAAT are Original, and Menthol.

Smooth by TAAT comes in a pack like tobacco ciigarettes. Smooth is designed with blue and white colors on the box. A pack of Smooth offers 20 sticks.

You can buy a pack of Smooth directly from the TAAT online store for $6.99. The other option is to buy a carton of Smooth for $59.99. A carton of Orginal contains 10 packs of cigarettes. Buying from the Trytaat online store is easy. The online store is designed with a user-friendly interface, all the necessary information is easy to find. This store also offers excellent customer service and you can reach out to the TAAT support team via the phone or by sending an email. It usually takes about 5 days for your order to arrive after confirmation. TryTaat also offers expedited shipping at an additional cost. This store offers free shipping on all 2 carton purchases. It is important to note that TAAT does not deliver to all 50 US states because not all states have legalized the sale of combustible products containing hemp. It is best to check the Trytaat store to see if your state has restrictions on sales.

You can get a free pack for every purchase you make from TAAT. This free pack is available for everyone who follows three simple steps. Visit the TAAT online store for more information regarding the TAAT free pack.

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