Festiva by Cloud Alchemist Review

10 May 2017 E-liquid

For me, Cloud Alchemist e-juice is the best e-liquid choice out there. Whether it is their Arrakis flavor or Festiva flavor they all have a sophisticated overtone. Their recipes are delicate, complex and excite the taste buds with their intricate flavors. There is a huge fan base for Cloud Alchemist’s E-juices because their flavors are of a different category than other contemporary brands.

Price: $19.99 for 30 ml
* Size:10ml 30ml 120ml

* Nicotine Level:00mg 1.5mg 03mg 06mg 12mg

* PG/VG Ratio:20pg/80vg 50pg/50vg

Flavor note: Warm beignets topped with fresh strawberries and dolloped with vanilla-almond whipped cream.

Review of Festiva


The primary components in Festiva seem to be a mellow, fruity, subdued fresh strawberry flavor. It’s sweet, but not overly sweet. This juice is joined by a creamy coconut that also possesses its own sweetness, and a rich, mildly creamy vanilla. While these three players seem to dominate the profile, and they are all quite tasty on their own. There is a wide array of other, more subtle, complimentary flavors going on here.

Inhale and Exhale:

The inhale is sweet, creamy and has almond. Between inhale and exhale, the flavors blend beautifully and no one flavor dominates. On the exhale, It tastes like whipped cream, with a hint of strawberry flavor and a touch of a bakery note. The finish also has a flavor that seems familiar and makes me believe there is a very small amount of tangerine in the mix. When brought together with the creamy vanilla flavor, it will sometimes leave the finish with a note similar to that of a Creamsicle. To further complicate things, I’m also getting a bit of buttery note but from there on out, I might as well be throwing darts at a dartboard with every non-tobacco flavor printed on it.

Nailing down any one of the other flavors in Festiva is like playing a game of hide-and-seek. As soon as you taste one thing, it’s gone a moment later, and trying to find it again on the next vape is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. One moment I taste a mild fresh strawberry-like fruitiness, and the moment after that, I think it could be vanilla cream. In addition to being such a complex, multi-noted, impossibly layered composition, Festiva is also incredibly smooth, remarkably tight-knit, and exquisitely balanced dessert cake flavored e-liquid.

It’s not often that a juice passes through my hands and leaves me with shoulders shrugged and a little more information than when I started, and I know that’s not why you come here, but to be honest, nothing gives me greater joy than being completely and utterly stumped by an expertly crafted, masterfully blended symphony of flavors, and this juice is just that.

Throat hit and Cloud making:

As I said, I ran Festiva through all of my various set-ups including some I rarely ever use. While the flavor changes at least a little, and sometimes quite bit from rig to rig, I liked it best in a sub-Ω coiled Nimbus atop my Nemesis, my set-up of choice. This particular Nimbus has its intakes drilled to 1/16″, was built with a dual twisted 28ga Kanthal coil at .6Ω on XC-116 wick. While this is how I like Cloud Alchemist premium ejuice, the constant flavor discrepancies mean that, as the old vaping adage goes, your mileage may vary. Whether you use a standard Kanger variable voltage Mod or dripper, a genesis style atty, carto or clearo, any way you dial in. This stuff can handle most any sort of heat you throw at it.

Finally, It is a great experience for many vapers, even those who have tried it for the first time. It carries a nice and engaging strawberry smell and tastes like sweet and vanilla-almond whipped cream. Wow! This juice is really amazing! I would say that if it is your first time tasting this ejuice, you’ll definitely order it again.

It can be concluded that Cloud Alchemists E Juice line adds new freshness in a collection of e-juices. The line has everything for everyone. So, go for your favorite flavors from the line of Cloud Alchemist and enjoy your vaping at its best.

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