Poseidon by Cyclops Vapor Review

3 May 2017 E-liquid

About Cyclops Vapor:

Poseidon: Poseidon was the ‘God of the Liquids’ and protector of anything aquatic.

Poseidon, by Cyclops Vapor, is a complex blend that encapsulates the enigma of the sea.

Ingredients and Packaging:

Melons are at their best during the summer, and on a hot day, nothing cools like a fruity melon. Since the flesh of the fruit is mostly water, it is thirst quenching as well. Good snacks range from the standard fare prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe to scooping out watermelon and drizzling them with flavored syrups. Even desserts can get a pick-me-up from the addition of melon. The ingredients in this 35ml bottle are just pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. The liquid is made in the USA to a high standard, contains only the purest ingredients and is bottled in a sterile environment. The Cyclops Vapor healthy PG/VG option and nicotine levels is a prominent feature of the raspberry custard e-juice.


Poseidon fruit melon is a flavor I hold near and dear to my heart. While I always enjoyed my fruity flavored e-liquids, notably peach and melon blends, it wasn’t until I discovered the first fruity melon style juice, over a year after I began vaping, that I was certain I would never crave another cigarette again.

It was my first ADV, and a flavor combination I still mix for myself to this day. When well made, its perfect blend of sweet, light and fruity with a fresh, brisk finish. When done poorly it’s still not even that bad, but with flavors so clean, it’s usually pretty easy to separate out the merely good from the great. In most cases, it comes down to a matter of balance.

If the two main components, fruit and melon are in a state of equilibrium, as far as the final profile, the result will often seem off. Fruit Melon still has some redeeming qualities, namely the juxtaposition of the sweet, juicy watermelon up against the chilly kool-ade, but with a skewed flavor ratio, it’s nowhere near what it could, and in my opinion, should be. As with any juice that contains a new component, total wattage has drastic effects on flavor.

So while the chilly notes are more pronounced towards the upper end of the vaping/wattage spectrum, even at more conservative wattage, dialing in the sweet spot that delivers these two flavors in a state of equilibrium is simply not possible.

The fruity combination tends to smother the more delicate, familiar juicy watermelon flavor. It’s a good fruit on its own. It’s the same flavor I used for a long time in my version of this juice, but it’s difficult for the watermelon to overcome the bold, vaguely medicinal taste of the menthol.

I vaped this juice all over the vaping wattage spectrum, with several different rigs, but the most balanced flavor I was able to achieve came from the ProVari/510 atty rig at a relatively brisk 8.1 watts or 4.5v on a 2.5 Bridgeless dripper.

Admittedly, that wattage doesn’t do this juice any favors when it comes to vapor production, but that’s where this liquid attains its greatest sense of flavor parity, even if it still falls a bit short of the mark.

When I put more heat through the juice, both on my Nemesis/Nimbus rig and my Duke/Atomic set-up, the result was the same, an excellent Melon profile with just a light hint of the sweet, juicy fruit. Again, this juice is still miles away from being bad, but it simply isn’t on par with other vendors takes on the classic profile of sweet melon vapes.

Overall Assessment:

This stuff is amazing! I have tried a lot of e-juices (gourmet flavors included) from many favorite vendors, and this is in my top 3. The taste never fails to surprise. Easily an ADV for me and I love it! A big thank you to me review it! If you’re still on the fence about Poseidon, buy it now! I don’t know what the crafty craftsmen here at Cyclops are doing, but they’re doing it right! Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about this vape liquid. Try it; you will not regret it.


Robust options for nicotine level
Child-proof cap
Full range of PG/VG ratio


Use of plastic bottles

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