What Makes a Good Vape?

28 Apr 2015 Hardware

For many people, the quality of their vape depends on specific factors and features: vapor production, throat hit, smell, taste, draw, finish, etc. With so many different variables to judge your vape upon and so many preferences within each of these variables, it’s a long shot to think that any two people would have the same criteria for a good vape.

Then, there are universal traits to an eLiquid or eCigarette that make it undeniably good, like the ability to provide a smooth, fluid draw. If you look at the reviews littered around the Web, you’ll notice that everyone always checks for the same thing when sampling an eJuice: throat hit (TH), taste and vapor production.

We’ve started calling this collection of criteria the “Golden Three,” because without a positive response from each of these three aspects, an eLiquid never seems to do well in a review. However, while the Golden Three may govern eLiquid reviewers everywhere, they can also act as a sort of Bermuda Triangle for onlookers to get lost in… because what one person may find acceptable, another may find downright appalling.

One of these Bermuda Triangle situations found its way into the Vaping Press offices just the other day and reared its ugly head while we were all gathered around a new eLiquid. The first person who tried it gave it the following score: TH: 7, Taste: 8, Vapor: 4. Passing in onto the next person, we were all a little surprised to see their scorecard: TH: 4, Taste: 7, Vapor: 6.

Now, while it may not look like there’s a substantial gap in reviews, a variation of even three points make a huge difference in perception! As this juice went around the office, we got even more varied responses from people! It just goes to show that variables are subjective to the user in most cases. The message, concealed within this example, soon became clear to us: don’t take someone else’s opinion as fact or law. Your eLiquidspreferences aren’t going to be the same as the person sitting next to you and surely not the same as someone who enjoys things that you don’t.

Being able to realize this when watching eLiquid reviews is a crucial awareness that everyone must have, otherwise you might be missing out on some of the best juices out there! One bad review shouldn’t ruin the reputation of an eJuice. If you’re unsure of an eLiquid, there’s nothing wrong with watching a YouTube review or reading a blogger’s notes on the creation, but take their words with a grain of salt.

True, we wouldn’t have the insight on eLiquids that we do today without people willing to try and review them, but with such proprietary set of standards like the Golden Three, it can be hard to get a feel for your own unique tastes unless you try it yourself!

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