3 E-Cig Terms You Might Not Be Familiar With

Let’s start easy: cartridge, e-juice, atomizer, cartomizer. If you are a vapor smoker, or even if you’ve just heard a little bit about them, these are most likely terms that you are familiar with.

More frequent vapor smokers may recognize e-cig terminology like clearomizers, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, mods, and dripping. So, what about veteran e-cig users? Is there anything they don’t know?

Whether you are a novice, veteran, or non-user, test your knowledge of e-cigs by seeing if you know these three advanced e-cig supplies.

The Nano Clearomizer

Some e-cig companies carry versions of, or products similar to, a device called the nano clearomizer.

As its name suggests, the nano clearomizer is a smaller version of the clearomizer, which is essentially a clear cartomizer. In contrast to traditional clearomizers that hold up to 2.5 ml of e-juice, the nano holds just 1 ml, making it ideal for sampling new flavors.

Nanos, like cartos and clearos, are reusable by simply emptying out one flavor and refilling it with another of your choice. The mouthpiece comes already attached to the device, and it is ready to use right out of the box.

The Nova Tank

The nova tanks are types of cartomzers that use wicking strings and an atomizer head that is similar to a clearomizer. The benefit of the nova tank is that it holds larger quantities of e-juice than a regular clearomizer—2 to 3.5 ml when full.

Novas are also replaceable, but vapor smokers have to occasionally tilt the e-cig to keep the wick moist, otherwise you could get a “dry hit.”

The Cartotank

A cartotank is when a cartomizer is placed in an e-juice tank to provide longer durations of vapor smoking than when used normally. For a cartotank to work, one or two small holes must be drilled into the cartomizer to allow the juice from the tank to seep into the device.

Pre-punched cartomizers already come with a small, laser-drilled hole towards the bottom of the device, and are ready to be put in the tank immediately. However, vapor smokers must make their own holes in their cartomizer if it is un-punched in order to create a cartotank.

It is recommended that vapor smokers only use stainless steel cartomizers to make a cartotank, since it is more difficult to make holes in cartos with rubber or black stickers. Also, the corrosive properties of e-juice can damage or tarnish cartos with coverings.

If you already knew these terms, then you can consider yourself a vapor smoking master. If you didn’t, don’t sweat it. There is a lot to learn. And every year, more and more new products are being developed to satisfy every e-cig user’s cravings and preferences.

Learn more e-cig terminology by checking out our vapor smoking glossary.

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