Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit by Uwell Review

If you thought the Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit was the classiest pod you had ever seen, you need to check out the latest version; the Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit. The new pod kit boasts of ‘extra’ features that sky-rockets your vaping experience to an exciting level.

The Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit, like its predecessor, is a lightweight, sleek and stylish device that adds convenience to vaping. It can fit easily in your pocket, purse or car compartment, with a dimension of 108.3mm by 22.5mm by 12.6mm. The device was designed with zinc-alloy and is available in six different colors; blue, black, grey, red, green, and rosy brown.

Now, you might be asking, “what exactly is so cool about this device?” Let’s take a closer look at the Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit to get your answer.

Button Operation or Draw to Fire?

What’s your preference? Press a button or simply draw to fire? What if you have both options in one device? That’s the cool thing about the Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit. You can have a dual-draw operation to choose from depending on your mood any day. If you like to draw to fire, simply place the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a good draw to activate the device (the mouthpiece is a perfect fit into your mouth).

If you prefer the traditional firing button system, you have no worries at all. Just press the button (you’d find it in front of the device, just below the mouthpiece) five times to activate and five times to de-activate.

Tighter Airflow or a Looser Airflow?

The beauty in having both options in one device is that your vaping experience doesn’t get boring. If you crave an intense vape, you can opt for the tighter airflow adjustment option by simply rotating the pod horizontally and then re-inserting it. This option increases the saturation of the coil so that you get thicker and fuller flavor and decreases the chances of dry or burnt hits.

If you are in for a loose lazy vape, you can simply just rotate the pod horizontally and re-insert it. This option helps you produce more vapors, although with less flavor. With a dual flow option, the device supports both Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) and Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vape styles.


The Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit features replaceable Caliburn G coils with 0.8ohm resistance and a honeycomb design. The coils support satisfying vapor production, a good throat hit and intense flavor. The kit also comes with two 0.8ohm mesh coils that are easy to install in a push-to-fit style.

Battery Capacity

The Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit features a 520mAh battery capacity – which is huge – but the Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit features a capacity even bigger, 630mAh and an 18W maximum output. The battery can last for up to a day and it doesn’t take long to recharge. The kit comes with a Type-C USB cable that charges up the battery at 1.5A in just an hour.

Pod Design

The kit come with 2ml Caliburn G pods that feature an easier refilling system. You don’t have to detach the pod from the battery, just simply snap-off the cover and fill in your favorite e-juice. To enjoy the pod to the maximum, you can use a 50% e-liquid or nicotine salt e-liquid.

Where can I purchase this?

The Vape Green UK online store! They stock the original products at great prices and provide efficient delivery service in and outside the UK. You can purchase the Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit for 24.99 at vapegreen.co.uk.

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