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Best Geek Bar Pulse Disposable Vape Flavor

When it comes to finding the perfect escape into a world of flavors, the Geek Bar Pulse line of disposable vapes offers a diverse palette that caters to all tastes. At the top of the list, blending succulent fruits in a surprisingly refreshing way, is the Strawberry Mango flavor. This standout choice marries the lush sweetness of strawberries with the exotic zest of mango, creating a vibrant taste experience that enchants from the first puff.

Beyond the reigning favorite, the Geek Bar Pulse lineup includes an array of other exciting flavors, each with its own unique charm. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from each of them:

Pink Lemonade: This flavor provides a nostalgic twist with its sweet and tangy profile, reminiscent of sunny days and backyard gatherings.

White Gummy Ice: Imagine the sweet taste of gummy candy enhanced with a cool menthol finish—perfect for those who love a hint of freshness in their vape.

Juicy Peach Ice: With the essence of ripe peaches and a chilling ice effect, it’s like enjoying a frozen peach slushie on a warm day.

Miami Mint: Refreshing and cool, this flavor offers a crisp minty taste that cleanses the palate and invigorates the senses.

Meta Moon: A mysterious and alluring flavor, offering a cosmic journey of fruity and floral notes that are hard to pin down but delightful to experience.

California Cherry: Bright and bold, this flavor captures the essence of sweet Californian cherries with every puff.

Fcucking Fab: Unconventional and bold, this blend promises a fabulous and intense flavor experience that stands out from the crowd.

Mexican Mango: A richer, deeper take on the traditional mango flavor, it offers a taste that’s as vibrant and lively as the streets of Mexico.

Geek Bar

Strawberry Banana: This classic combination brings together the creamy sweetness of banana with the juicy delight of strawberries for a smooth, fruity vape.

Sour Apple Ice: A sharp, invigorating flavor that combines the tartness of green apples with a refreshing icy finish.

Tropical Rainbow Blast: Like a burst of tropical fruits, this flavor mixes several exotic notes to create a festive, colorful taste experience.

Blow Pop: For those who love their vape sweet and fruity, this flavor mimics the popular lollipop without the stickiness.

Blue Mint: Combining the coolness of mint with a hint of subtle sweetness, it’s a serene, refreshing choice.

Cherry Bomb: Exploding with the bold taste of cherries, this flavor is both intense and satisfying.

Black Cherry: Darker and more robust than its Cherry Bomb counterpart, it offers a mature twist on the classic cherry flavor.

Watermelon: Sweet, refreshing, and endlessly hydrating, this flavor feels like a slice of summer, perfect for all-day vaping.

With such a wide range of choices, the Geek Bar Pulse ensures that every vaper can find their favorite. Whether you prefer something fruity, icy, or a perfect blend of both, there’s a flavor in this lineup that’s bound to satisfy. While Strawberry Mango takes the crown for its universally appealing mix that captivates at every draw, the beauty of the Geek Bar flavors is that there’s always something new to try, making each vape session as exciting as the last.

Cali Bar V2 Vape 6000

Top 3 Cali Bars V2 Disposable Vape Flavors

When it comes to kicking back and enjoying a moment of blissful relaxation, the right vape flavor can make all the difference. For those navigating the vibrant world of disposable vapes, Cali Bars V2 has emerged as a beacon of flavor, quality, and convenience. But with a myriad of options available, how do you pick the perfect puff? Fear not, fellow flavor seekers! We’re diving into the top three Cali Bars V2 disposable vape flavors that have enthusiasts buzzing with delight: Blueberry, Mighty Mint, and Frozen Blue Raspberry. Let’s unwrap the taste sensations that have the vaping community in a whirlwind of excitement.

1. Blueberry – A Berry Blissful Encounter

First up on our list is the classic yet ever-so delightful Blueberry. Imagine the sensation of wandering through a sun-dappled forest, plucking ripe, juicy berries right off the bush. That’s the essence Cali Bar has bottled up in this remarkable flavor. It’s not just any berry experience; it’s a sophisticated blend that captures the sweet, slightly tart essence of blueberries at their peak. Perfect for those who crave a natural, fruity punch without overwhelming sweetness, Blueberry by Cali Bars V2 is a testament to the simple pleasures in life.

2. Mighty Mint – Refreshment Reimagined

Next, we take a crisp turn into the invigorating world of Mighty Mint. This flavor is not for the faint of heart but rather for those who seek a blast of freshness with each puff. Imagine the brisk, refreshing gust of wind on a scorching summer day, or the coolness of a mountain stream at dawn. Mighty Mint encapsulates this rejuvenating essence, providing a clean, sharp minty taste that clears the mind and invigorates the senses. It’s the perfect companion for moments when you need a quick pick-me-up or a palate cleanser between tastier adventures.

Cali Bar

3. Frozen Blue Raspberry – A Chilly Berry Blast

Rounding off our top three is the mesmerizing Frozen Blue Raspberry. This flavor takes the beloved sweet-tart profile of blue raspberries and catapults it into a realm of icy bliss. It’s as if you’ve taken a handful of the juiciest, most flavorful blue raspberries and blended them with a dash of arctic coolness. The result? A vape experience that’s both exhilarating and immensely satisfying, perfect for those scorching days when you crave something cool yet irresistibly fruity.

Why Cali Bars V2?

You might wonder, with all the rechargeable vapes and disposable options out there, why settle on Cali Bars V2? The answer lies in their commitment to quality and flavor purity. Each puff delivers a consistent taste that’s true to its description, thanks to their meticulous blend formulation. Plus, the convenience of a disposable system, paired with the outstanding flavor lineup, makes Cali Bars V2 an unbeatable choice for both novice and seasoned vapers alike.

In conclusion, whether you’re a fan of the classic fruity notes, in search of a refreshing minty blast, or yearning for a cool, fruity adventure, Cali Bars V2 has got you covered. Blueberry, Mighty Mint, and Frozen Blue Raspberry stand out as the top picks for anyone looking to elevate their vaping experience. So, why not dive into these flavors and discover your new favorite way to unwind?

Amazonian mushrooms

The Top 5 Best Mushroom Spores

7 Mar 2024 Mushroom

Exploring the world of mushroom cultivation is a fascinating journey that offers both novices and experts a unique blend of science, nature, and culinary delight. What is a spore? The reproductive units of fungi, similar to seeds in the plant kingdom. For those dipping their toes into the mycological waters, understanding what a spore is marks the beginning of an engaging adventure. Spores are microscopic, produced by fungi to reproduce and spread. They are resilient, capable of surviving in various conditions, and are the starting point for growing mushrooms.

In the vast expanse of mushroom spores available for cultivation, a few stand out due to their unique characteristics, growth patterns, and the experience they provide to cultivators. Here, we introduce the top 5 best mushroom spores, known for their reliability, fascinating growth processes, and the intriguing outcomes they promise.

  1. Amazonian Liquid Spores

Originating from the dense forests of the Amazon, these spores offer a robust and vibrant growing experience. Known for their fast colonization and substantial yield, Amazonian mushrooms are a favorite among cultivators for their potent effects and substantial size. They are especially appealing to those looking to explore the more profound, spiritual aspects of mushroom cultivation.

  1. Blue Meanie Liquid Spores

Don’t let the name fool you; these spores are as friendly as they come, at least to cultivators. The “Blue Meanie” strain is renowned for its potency and vivid blue bruising, a telltale sign of its strength. These spores are perfect for cultivators looking for a more intense experience, both in cultivation and in the mushrooms’ effects.

  1. Golden Mammoth Liquid Spores

Bred for perfection, the Golden Mammoth strain boasts a lineage of stability and vitality. These spores are the result of meticulous selection and breeding, ensuring a high-quality and consistent growing experience. They are one of the fastest growing cubensis strains, making them a top choice for both beginners and experienced cultivators seeking reliability and efficiency.

  1. Golden Teacher Liquid Spores

The Golden Teacher spores are a staple in the mushroom cultivation community. Esteemed for their spiritual and introspective effects, these mushrooms are a gateway to personal discovery and enlightenment. Golden Teachers are forgiving to grow, making them an excellent choice for those just beginning their mycological journey.

  1. PE #6 Liquid Spores

PE #6, or Penis Envy #6, is a hybrid strain that combines the vigorous growth of its parent strains with an extraordinary potency. These spores are sought after for their unique appearance and powerful effects. Cultivators value this strain for its rarity and the unparalleled experience it provides.

Embarking on the path of mushroom cultivation with any of these top-tier spores promises an enriching adventure. Each strain offers its unique characteristics and rewards, catering to the diverse interests and goals within the mycological community. Whether you’re drawn to the spiritual journey promised by the Golden Teacher or the vigorous growth of the Golden Mammoth, the world of mushroom spores holds endless possibilities. As you delve into this fascinating realm, remember that the journey is as rewarding as the destination, offering insights into the complex and captivating world of fungi.


What Are Ghost Vape Disposables?

In the ever-evolving landscape of vaping, a new trend is emerging that’s catching the eye of enthusiasts and casual users alike: ghost vape disposables. This intriguing new addition to the vaping world is not just a flash in the pan; it’s a testament to how innovation and convenience can come together in the palm of your hand. But what exactly are ghost vape disposables, and why are they becoming a go-to choice for many? Let’s dive into the mist and uncover the essence of this latest vaping sensation.

Ghost vape disposables are sleek, compact, and designed for one-time use, eliminating the need for refilling or recharging. These devices come pre-loaded with a variety of flavors and a predetermined amount of e-liquid, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a hassle-free vaping experience. What sets ghost vape disposables apart is their commitment to quality and flavor, offering a smooth and satisfying vape with every puff.

One of the key attractions of ghost vape disposables is their convenience. Whether you’re on the go, traveling, or simply prefer not to deal with the maintenance associated with traditional vaping devices, these disposables offer a straightforward solution. Just open the package, and you’re ready to enjoy a high-quality vaping experience. Once the e-liquid is depleted, the device can be disposed of responsibly, making it a fuss-free option for users.

The ghost vape pen is a standout product in this category, embodying the essence of what makes ghost vape disposables so appealing. It’s designed with the user in mind, featuring a comfortable grip, a variety of enticing flavors, and a smooth draw that caters to both beginners and seasoned vapers. The ghost vape pen is a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating products that are not only convenient but also enjoyable to use.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the quality of the extracts used in these disposables. Ghost extracts are known for their purity and potency, ensuring that each vaping session is not just flavorful but also consistent in quality. This attention to detail in the formulation of the e-liquid contributes to the overall superior vaping experience offered by ghost vape disposables.

Despite the convenience and quality, it’s essential to approach vaping with awareness and responsibility. As with any product containing nicotine, it’s important to use ghost vape disposables within the bounds of moderation and according to personal tolerance levels. Moreover, ensuring that these disposables are disposed of properly is crucial in minimizing environmental impact.

In conclusion, ghost vape disposables are revolutionizing the vaping industry by offering a blend of convenience, quality, and variety that appeals to a wide range of users. Whether you’re a vaping enthusiast looking for a new experience or a casual user seeking a simple solution, ghost vape disposables offer a compelling option that’s worth exploring. As the trend continues to grow, it’s clear that these disposables are not just a fleeting ghost in the vaping world but a solid presence that’s here to stay.

SMOK Priv Bar 15000

Smok Priv Bar Turbo Disposable Vape 15000 Review


The vaping market is ever-evolving, with new devices constantly entering the scene to cater to the diverse preferences of consumers. One such addition is the Smok Priv Bar Turbo Disposable Vape 15000. In this review, we’ll delve into the key features, performance, and overall user experience of this disposable vape, helping you make an informed decision.

Design and Build Quality

The Smok Priv Bar Turbo boasts a sleek and compact design, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. Its ergonomic shape makes it user-friendly, and the smooth finish adds a touch of elegance. The device is lightweight, making it convenient for on-the-go vaping without compromising on durability.

The build quality of the Priv Bar Turbo is commendable, showcasing Smok’s commitment to producing reliable devices. The exterior feels sturdy, and the device is well-constructed, minimizing the risk of leaks or malfunctions commonly associated with disposable vapes.

SMOK Priv Bar


The highlight of the Smok Priv Bar Turbo is its impressive 15000 puffs, making it a long-lasting option compared to many other disposable vapes on the market. The high puff count ensures extended usage, making it suitable for vapers who prefer a device that lasts for an extended period before needing replacement.

The flavor delivery of the Priv Bar Turbo is noteworthy. It features a high-quality coil and well-designed airflow system, providing a satisfying and consistent vaping experience. Whether you enjoy rich, robust flavors or prefer a smoother, milder draw, the Priv Bar Turbo caters to a wide range of taste preferences.

Battery Life

Considering the generous puff count, the battery life of the Priv Bar Turbo is commendable. The device comes with a built-in battery that efficiently powers the device throughout its lifespan. Users can enjoy prolonged vaping sessions without the need for frequent recharging, making it a convenient choice for those who are constantly on the move.

Ease of Use

One of the advantages of disposable vapes is their simplicity, and the Smok Priv Bar Turbo is no exception. It comes pre-filled and pre-charged, eliminating the need for any setup or maintenance. Simply remove it from the packaging, start vaping, and dispose of it responsibly once depleted. This user-friendly approach makes it an ideal option for beginners and seasoned vapers alike.


In conclusion, the Smok Priv Bar Turbo Disposable Vape 15000 impresses with its stylish design, robust build quality, and exceptional performance. The extended puff count and reliable battery life make it a standout option in the disposable vape juice online market. Whether you’re a casual vaper or someone who relies on their device throughout the day, the Priv Bar Turbo offers a satisfying and hassle-free vaping experience. While the disposable nature might not appeal to everyone, those seeking convenience, longevity, and great flavor will find the Smok Priv Bar Turbo to be a worthwhile investment.

Golden Mammoth Mushroom: A Beginner’s Guide

3 Jan 2024 Mushroom

Golden Mammoth is a classic; widely considered the purest Psilocybe cubensis mushroom strain. It is among a handful of cubensis strains that can be said to have an uncorrupted genetic line. Golden Mammoth is celebrated for being virus-free and contaminant-resistant, making it the ideal choice for growers, especially beginners.

The Golden Mammoth has existed since the 1990s. This strain is sought-after by mycologists and enthusiasts looking for research material.


SporePod, a respected mycologist, is credited with cultivating the Golden Mammoth strain in the 1990s. This Canadian mycologist was searching for stable mushroom material for research when he created Golden Mammoth.

SporePod made this strain via a process called selective breeding. This involves amplifying pleasant, desirable traits and discarding the unwanted ones. With this process, the Golden Mammoth was born, offering unique features.


When it comes to appearance, the Golden Mammoth strain is unique. This strain features a round golden cap. And you can expect this strain to grow about 8 to 10 inches tall under the right conditions. Golden Mammoth also features a thin white stem.


Another noticeable feature of the Golden Mammoth strain is its blue spots. These blue spots are caused by bruising, which easily occurs, especially with touch. This bruising happens due to the interaction of psilocybin with air. Whenever a mushroom strain is prone to bursting, it usually indicates a high presence of psilocin or psilocybin.


The psychoactive effects of the Golden Mammoth strain are renowned for being potent and long-lasting. Golden Mammoth offers an intense trip packed with audio and visual hallucinations. You will see colorful geometric patterns all around, among other mind-altering effects. Through it all, the Golden Mammoth will leave you feeling reflective and peaceful.

The effects of the Golden Mammoth mushroom can be felt about 20 to 60 minutes after consumption. And, the effects can last up to four to five hours after ingestion. The psychoactive effects of Golden Mammoth can be overwhelming for first-time users. It’s always a good idea to start slow with dosing and carefully work your way up.


Golden Mammoth is another cubensis strain that can be grown via spores. These spores are widely available for sale. However, you’ve got to research where to buy magic mushroom spores to be sure of quality. Very few platforms offer deals like Magic Spore Labs. This company provides liquid spores of some of the most popular magic mushroom strains.

You can buy Golden Mammoth mushroom spores at Magic Spore Labs for $17.00. These spores come in 10cc syringes and a 1.5” 20 gauge sterile needle for dispensing.

You can visit the Magic Spore Labs online store for more information.

Candy King Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum E-liquid Review

Sweet flavored e-liquids are some of the most popular in the vaping industry. These types of e-liquids are popular among vapers and vaping brands. Sweet flavors are delicious but hard to get right by vaping manufacturers. Most sweet e-liquids tend to over sweet or like it contains artificial notes. Few brands are able to get the sweetness ratio right. One of these brands is Candy King. This company is one of the veterans of the vaping industry and has been producing top-notch e-liquids for years. The Candy King brand is produced by the Drip More company. Candy King has a range of high-quality candy-based e-liquids that every vaper with sweet tooth craving must try. One of the most popular e-juice flavors in the Candy King series is Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum.

Flavor Profile
Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum is simply a classic vape juice. This Candy King e-juice is made using some of the finest ingredients, and you can tell by the taste. Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum offers a blend of ripe strawberries, watermelon, and bubblegum. These flavors are well blended and taste as they should. You will not taste any weird flavors vaping this Candy King e-liquid. Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum tastes so good that you can vape it all day long and still won’t get enough. This e-liquid is the best choice for first-time vapers.

Inhale and exhale

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Candy King has a rich flavor flowing throughout the inhale and exhale. When you vape this e-juice, it is the ripe berries that welcome you. The berry flavor gives way for the sweetness of the ripe watermelons to come through. It is when you exhale that the taste of the bubblegum flavor comes alive.


Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Candy King comes with 70/30 percent VG and PG ratios. This vape juice is designed to be vaped using a sub-ohm tank or rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum produces massive vapor clouds that will impress cloud chasers.


Like other e-liquids by Candy King, Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum contains high-quality nicotine in different concentration levels including 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. This e-liquid has a smooth and appealing effect on the throat. You will not experience any unpleasant after-effects of vaping Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum.


Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Candy King is widely available for sale like other flavors by this brand. You should be able to buy this e-juice from your local vape store or favorite online seller. However, you will struggle to find deals as great as the ones West Coast Vape Supply is offering.

At this store, you can buy a 100ml bottle of Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum for $12.75 at West Coast Vape Supply. A bottle of this Candy King vape juice is usually sold for $24.99 but you also get deals buying from West Coast Vape Supply.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum Is not the only Candy King e-liquid, you can buy at this store. Other flavors available are Gush, Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum on Ice, Sour Worms, Sour Worms on Ice, Lemon Drops, Belts Strawberry, Batch, Batch on Ice, Pink Squares, Peachy Rings, Swedish, Strawberry Rolls, Sour Straws, Swedish on Ice, Berry Dweebz, Hard Apple, Jaws, and Belts Strawberry on Ice. These flavors are also made using top-notch materials and are all sweet.

You can also get other vape supplies from West Coast Vape Supply, not just e-liquids.

All these e-liquids are available for the same price as Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum. And West Coast Vape Supply currently offers free shipping for all orders worth over $100.

And you can reach out to the West Coast Vape Supply customer service team with your inquiries and be sure they will reply sooner than later unlike other vape stores.

Hear What Others Smokers Have To Say About TAAT Zero Tobacco Cigarettes

The TAAT zero tobacco cigarettes are an answer to almost every smoker’s desire for a healthier smoking alternative without having to give up on precious smoking rituals. TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd has created the TAAT brand of nicotine and tobacco-free cigarettes. With its trademark TAAT Beyond Tobacco mix, TAAT has you covered if you’re searching for a gadget that will give your taste buds a good tobacco sensation while simultaneously allowing you to wean yourself off nicotine. The nature of the device already emphasizes its purpose in the tobacco smoking industry, and since its debut, these cigarettes have continued to pique the interest of many smokers around the country. 

What The TAAT Cigarette Offers

At first glance it may be a little tricky to differentiate the TAAT from a regular tobacco cigarette, and this is what the manufacturer aimed at achieving. Even after you light it , you may still be left thinking it’s just a regular old tobacco cigarette which it is not. TAATs are cigarettes, but they’re not like the ones you’d find in a tobacco or hemp shop. For starters, they aren’t tobacco cigarettes because they don’t contain nicotine or tobacco. The manufacturers developed a patent-pending extraction method that uses a base material dubbed Beyond Tobacco(TM) that undergoes a 14-step refining process to mimic tobacco flavor, smell, and smoke.

Hemp was chosen as the major material since it comprises up to 90% of the total ingredient. One would expect that because it contains hemp like any other original CBD smokes, there should be some type of proportion. Despite the fact that the producers do not stress the health and wellness advantages of hemp as an ingredient in the TAAT, they do state that each stick includes up to 25mg of CBD. They assure that the THC content is less than 0.2 percent, so you won’t experience the well-known cannabis high. This means that it is not only legal, but it also means that you will not get high from smoking.

Flavor Profile

TAAT offers three nicotine-free cigarettes: TAAT Original, TAAT Smooth, and TAAT Menthol, each with its own distinct flavor. The thing about these flavors is that they’re made to taste like the flavors of well-known brands. The TAAT’s creators were able to bridge the gap even further with the sensation of a typical tobacco cigarette by doing so.

Each of the flavors is distinct and promises a pleasurable smoking experience. The TAAT Original  has a huge, powerful, and bold flavor that will satisfy your taste buds every time you inhale. If you appreciate strong flavors like Marlboro Red, Winston, or American Spirit Blue, this is the flavor for you. On the other hand, the TAAT Menthol, which is one of their most popular, has a minty freshness to it, akin to Newport and Kool cigarettes. Lastly, the TAAT Smooth is for smokers that prefer milder smokes. It delivers a rich, deep, and velvety flavor that is much like a Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, or Pall Mall Blue cigarette.

Pricing and Availability

The TAAT, like any other tobacco cigarette, is available online and in convenience stores. Each TAAT pack contains 20 FSC-certified cigarette rolls. TAAT cigarettes have the same flip-top cover as standard cigarette packs, as well as the TAAT brand name, symbol, and information printed on the box body, lending them a cigarette-box-like appearance. You can buy a pack of TAAT smokes for $6.99 at To get a free pack, simply follow the steps below:

If you are on a desktop;

  • Text “FREEPACK” to 1-812-408-3315

If you are shopping on mobile;

  • You can visit their website
  • Create an account
  • Enter the promo code, and 
  • Enjoy your free pack of TAATs 

CBDFx CBD Gummies Review

There are many reasons to choose gummies if you are looking for a way to use CBD. Gummies are my favorite of all types of CBD products on the market. You can get gummies of different flavors and they are usually delicious (if yours isn’t change the brand). One of the main reasons gummies are cool is because of the intense effects you feel. Unlike oils, vape juice, creams, capsules, and other types of CBD products, gummies have a longer and more pronounced effect. This is because CBD has to go through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. This also means that, unlike other methods, it will take a longer time to feel the effects of CBD when you choose gummies (it’s worth the wait).

Many brands are offering different types of CBD gummy flavors, this post will focus on CBDFx, a hemp brand based out of Los Angeles. This company has been producing high-quality hemp products for years and has amassed an impressive collection spanning vape juice, tinctures, oils, CBD for pets, multivitamins, and several others.CBD GummiesCBD Gummies

The CBDFx CBD gummy collection is packed with top-notch gummies that are delicious and also packed with healthy ingredients. CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina is one of the most popular in the collection.

CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina are delicious and offer a blend of high-quality CBD, turmeric, and spirulina. These CBD gummies are sweetened with agave and have a pleasant taste. The combination of ingredients in these CBD gummies makes them very healthy. Both turmeric and spirulina are packed with different amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients that the body needs. Besides turmeric and spirulina, CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina also contain high-quality broad-spectrum CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC. These gummies contain 50mg of CBD per serving, 50mg of Spirulina, and 20mg of Turmeric. CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina contain all-natural ingredients, are GMO-free, and with 100 percent Vegan.

CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina contains 60 gummies per jar. It is recommended that you take two gummies per day. A bottle of CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina is sold for $54.99 at the CBDFx online store.

CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower is another impressive gummy by CBDFx. As you can tell by the name, these gummies are designed to promote sleep.

CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower contains a blend of high-quality CBD, chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower, all blended to get you sleeping without tossing and turning. This CBDFx product contains 50mg CBD per serving, 20mg Passion Flower, 20mg Chamomile, and Lemon Balm.

CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower are potent and should be taken as recommended. CBDFx recommends taking two gummies 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower also contains 60 gummies per jar. A bottle of CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower is sold for $54.99 at the CBDFx online store.

Visit CBDFx for more information about other CBD Gummies. CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina 1500mg

2022 Disposable Vaporizer Review: The Aroma King Vape Pen

The Aroma King is a brilliant introduction to the disposable device market and one that is able to pull its own weight. It is brought to you by the UK-based manufacturer, Aroma King, a disposable vape brand with over 42 disposable vape juice flavors across 42 products. With a disposable device, it does not matter whether you are a beginner just getting the hang of vaping or an expert. The Aroma King disposable vaporizer is designed to be simple without sacrificing power or satisfying throat hits. 

Features and Specifications

  • Disposable Vape Pen
  • Ready to vape out of the box
  • Approximately 600 puffs per bar
  • 550mAh pre-charged battery
  • LED Battery life indicator
  • 0mg, 10mg, or 20mg nicotine strength 
  • 2ml of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid
  • Small and pocket friendly

Design and Build Quality

The Aroma King disposable vaporizer is a discreet device with a compact shape. Like many disposable devices, the Aroma King has a battery section and a mouthpiece which is clearly distinguishable. The body section sports a cylindrical build so it fits comfortably fit in your hand. On the body are the manufacturer’s logo, the e-juice flavor profile, and the device’s puff count. The Aroma King disposable vaporizer is available in an array of colors. The colors correspond with the pre-filled e-juice flavor. The mouthpiece section has an ergonomic duck-bill shape that fits comfortably on your lips when you vape.

There are no buttons or screens on the device so you do not have to worry about any settings. The Aroma King disposable vaporizer is draw-activated. Simply place the mouthpiece of the Aroma King on your lips and puff. 

Battery Performance

Each Aroma King disposable vaporizer is powered by an integrated, pre-charged 550mAh battery and a pre-filled 2ml e-juice tank. A single Aroma King disposable has an average lifespan of up to 600 puffs depending on the length of each puff. What this means is that this disposable can keep you vaping for well over a day.

Nicotine Hits

Why stay limited to only one nicotine strength level when the Aroma King disposable is available with different nicotine levels. You can choose either 0mg, 10mg or 20mg of salt nicotine. 

Flavor Profile

Aroma King has over 42 disposable vape juice flavors so when it comes down to variety, this brand has got you covered. The Aroma King disposable is available in 27 unique flavors, including Banana Ice, Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Ice, Lychee Ice, Blueberry Ice, Cola, Mango Apple Pear, Peach Ice, Cool Mango, And Grape Ice. 

Pricing and Availability

The Aroma King disposable vaporizer is an affordable device that would not be a hassle to keep up with even in the long run. At, you can buy a unit for £4.99.

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