TAAT Menthol Zero Tobacco Cigarettes Review

14 Nov 2021 CBD Review

Tobacco smoking is one of the main reasons for tobacco-related diseases. Tobacco contains several toxins that can make an adverse effect on your well-being. Studies show that carcinogens in tobacco are the main cause of cancer among smokers. Many smokers are aware of this fact and are looking for alternatives that can provide them the same experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette. There are several alternatives to tobacco cigarettes available including vaping, herbal cigarettes, etc. Among these alternatives, most smokers prefer to use TAAT cigarettes. These cigarettes are completely free from toxins found in tobacco.

TAAT cigarettes are available in different flavors including Original, Smooth, and Menthol flavors. TAAT Menthol provides a refreshing coolness with every puff. It tastes similar to branded menthol-flavored cigarettes like Marlboro Menthol, Newport, and KOOL. TAAT Menthol allows you the experience the same taste of Newport without consuming the dangerous toxins in tobacco and nicotine. TAAT Menthol are essentially Newport nicotine free cigarettes. TAAT cigarettes are made of a proprietary plant blend that contains zero tobacco and zero nicotine. Even though it is free from tobacco and nicotine, the experience you receive while smoking will be exactly similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

TAAT menthol flavors contain CBD which is used to get relief from anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and many other health ailments. The CBD used in TAAT cigarettes is extracted from premium quality organic hemp. TAAT cigarettes never give you a high feeling as it contains traces of THC (0.2%). THC is the main psychoactive component in hemp that can provide a high feeling. The use of CBD products containing more than 0.3% THC is illegal in the US. The calmness and refreshing effect that the TAAT Menthol provides with each inhale is very enjoyable. The 2% food-grade FDA-approved ingredients in TAAT cigarettes support the delivery of cigarette-like flavor. The cracking sound of FSC branded paper used to roll TAAT contributes to the realistic tobacco-like experience.

TAAT Menthol pack comes in well-designed packing with a green theme. You can see the manufacturer’s logo on the front of the package. Usual product information and safety warning are also labeled on the package. TAAT cigarettes come in a flip-top cover that can be easily opened and closed just like a traditional tobacco cigarette pack. Each pack contains 20 menthol-flavored cigarettes. It is available for purchase at trytaat.com for a reasonable price of $6.99. The price is very cheap when compared to the price of branded tobacco cigarettes. Delivery services are offered to their customers in the US. Delivery cost varies according to the delivery location. Order placed will be delivered to the customers within 5 business days. Expedited delivery service is available for those who need to avail of fast delivery service. You have to pay additional to avail of the expedited delivery service.  

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