Guava Pop E-Juice By The Mamasan Review

10 Oct 2017 E-liquid

Guava Pop is a truly unique e-juice blend of fruit and candy flavors. This Mamasan premium e-juice has a sublime taste and aroma that makes it stand out. Guava Pop is one of the best guava and candy-flavored e-liquids currently on the market. Los Angeles based e-juice manufacturer took their time to ensure that Guava Pop has the taste and flavor of the traditional Asian Guava hard candy. The quality of Guava Pop is consistent with the taste of the other Mamasan e-liquid flavors on the market.

Although The Mamasan launched operations in 2016, the Los Angeles based e-juice manufacturer has become a household name among vapers. The release of its line of e-juice inspired by Asian culinary flavors is quite popular among vapers. The Mamasan uses only high-quality ingredients in the manufacturing of all its e-juice blends. Guava Pop is not just ideal for vapers who enjoy guavas, but also for those who enjoy the characteristic sweetness of candy.

Guava Pop has the taste of guavas infused into a hard candy which is also blended with a juicy peach flavor. These flavors combine to give this premium e-juice its unique taste and aroma. When you inhale Guava Pop, it is the unmistakable taste of guava candy that fills the taste buds. However, on the exhale, this e-juice has the flavors of guava candy mixed with juicy peach. These flavors combine to make the exhale interesting. As you can expect, Guava Pop has a sweet and fruity aftertaste reflective of the flavors in its inhale and exhale.

Guava Pop like all other e-liquids by The Mamasan is produced with both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a preset ratio of 70/30 . This high VG base mix is popular among both vapers and e-juice manufacturers alike. This base mix allows e-juice blends to produce massive clouds while retaining a lot of its primary flavor. This VG and PG mix also makes e-liquids have a thick and smooth texture. This texture makes Guava Pop ideal for dripping on a rebuildable dripper atomizer (RDA). This premium e-juice would also work well using a sub ohm tank.

As stated earlier, the max VG and reduced PG content of Guava Pop makes it produce massive clouds of vapor. The vapors which this e-juice produces are not only thick; they also retain a lot of flavors. Like all other flavors from The Mamasan e-liquid line, Guava Pop is sold in relatively small nicotine strength levels. These strength levels include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Guava Pop is sold in clear glass bottles. These bottles which all the other The Mamasan flavors are sold come with child-resistant caps and in different sizes. The sizes that their bottles come in include 30ml, and 60ml. All Mamasan e-liquid flavors are known among vapers for having unique designs. The Mamasan has assigned a color to each e-juice flavor. Guava Pop has an orange colored design which makes it hard to miss.

Guava Pop can be purchased on On this ecig shop, vapers can buy a bottle of this e-juice for only $9.75. A 60ml bottle of Guava Pop used to be sold for $27.99. You can take advantage of the discount price offer and purchase Guava Pop. Besides other Mamasan e-juice flavors, you can also buy other e-liquids by other popular brands on this ecig shop. You get free shipping on all orders beyond $40.

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