BDvape Precisio MTL RTA Review

BDvape Precisio MTL RTA Review

6 Jul 2021 E-cigs

The vape Precisio MTL RTA is a promising atomizer from BD Vape. BD Vape is the high-end subsidiary of the more well-known vaping company Fumytech, which adds to the intrigue. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the things you should expect from the BDvape Precisio MTL RTA.

According to their website, BD Vape is their “High-End Division,” with the objective of producing high-end vapes at affordable rates. This makes sense considering the vaping market is full of pricey vapes. They appear to have released various limited-edition wooden modifications over the years. The Precisio has a more “traditional” appearance, with all brushed steel and Ultem

. What’s In The Box?

This BD vape kit comes in cylindrical cardboard packaging, probably not something you are used to. It features a lifesize image of the device, recommended coil types to use, and recommended mods. There is a special information card that comes packaged with the Precisio. Here is what you get inside:

  • Precisio MTL RTA
  • T-Piece tool
  • Spare o-rings
  • 2x Pre-built coils (one simple round wire and one fused Clapton)
  • Cotton
  • Manual

Design and Build Quality

There is no doubt that the Precisio is a smart-looking little RTA. With its 22mm diameter, it likens back to the early days of rebuildable and would fit quite nicely on your small box or tube mods. At the initial point of its release, it featured a stainless steel and Ultem build, however, they have released a new version that is black and smoked. Everything about the Precisio screams quality and elegance, from the gorgeous Ultem and stainless steel combination to the exquisite knurling on the base and top cap.

BDvape Precisio MTL RTA Review

At the top, there is a metal 510 drip tip featuring a removable Ultem tip that matches the Ultem ejuice reservoir and at the same time protects your lips from getting burned in case of the metal gets too hot while you vape. The drip tip has a 10mm diameter and a 4.5mm inner bore. 

There is a thick top cap that comes off without any hassle thanks to the knurling on the sides. When you remove the top cap, you reveal two very large ejuice fill ports. They are large enough to accommodate virtually any type of ejuice bottle or dropper. The top cap sits inside the main barrel so when filling up the tank, make sure to leave some space to avoid spilling ejuice when you try to screw it back.

At the bottom is the airflow control ring that features similar knurling to that of the top cap. There is also some branding, a serial number, and a gold-plated adjustable 510 pin. 

The build deck is pretty easy to maneuver. You have two enclosed screws that hold the wire in place. The air comes up directly underneath your coil for two slot-style airflow holes meaning you should get a decent amount of air down the length of the coil and not just at the center. At the end of the deck, you will find your large wick channels meaning you do not need to thin out your cotton. Just drop it into the ports and your ejuice will feed in from the three small juice intakes. 

BDvape Precisio MTL RTA Review

How Does It Perform?

This has to be the most important part, after all, a great design and build can only amount to that much if the atomizer does not end up doing a good job in terms of performance. However, the BD Vape Precisio not only looks great, but it also performs admirably. Since you can get it up in various ways, you get to enjoy either a tight cigarette-like draw or a much looser draw, depending on your preference. For a tighter draw, the one and only airflow slot may be changed from one large hole to one or many smaller ones. Simply tweak until you’ve found your sweet spot.


  • Excellent flavor
  • Airflow is quite tight and smooth.
  • Excellent fit and quality.
  • It’s simple to construct on


  • The drip tip isn’t the most pleasant.
  • The black o-ring within the Ultem window is unattractive.
  • It’s possible that the top fill is leaking (with thicker e-liquids)

Final Verdict

The vape Precisio MTL RTA is one of the nicest-looking and highest-quality atomizers on the market, and it’s also reasonably priced. It costs about $40.90 to purchase.

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