What is e-liquid?

9 Jan 2014 E-liquid


E-liquid is mainly a mix of 3 to 4 ingredients: propylene glycol(PG), vegetable glycerine(VG), flavouring, and nicotine(or none at all).

Propylene glycol: adds to the throat hit, which is the sensation you feel in the back of the throat after inhaling.

Vegetable glycerine: mainly responsible for the amount of vapour exhaled.

Flavouring: gives a specific flavour to the inhaled vapour.

Nicotine: an addictive substance that can have both good and bad side effects. Also greatly adds to the throat hit.

Nicotine levels

The preferred level of nicotine for e-liquid varies from person to person, but here are some general ways to go about choosing.

Non-nicotine(0 mg): for those who’ve successfully cut down their nicotine addiction to zero, but still enjoy the action of exhaling clouds.

Low(8 mg): for those who were casual/non-frequent smokers, this is the lightest option containing nicotine available from us.

Medium(12 mg): for people who smoked more frequently, but not the most heavily.

High(18 mg): for heavy smokers who smoked roughly a pack a day.

There are levels above these we do not currently offer, such as 24 mg and even 36 mg, they’re meant for smokers with a serious addiction to nicotine.

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