Hyde Mag Recharge Disposable Vape 4500 Puffs Top Flavors Review

7 Dec 2022 Vaping Review

Hyde is a prominent vape brand in the vaping scene. This company has built itself a stellar reputation as the go-to option for premium vapes and e-juices. The brand is constantly growing and expanding its collection of products, allowing it to remain relevant and sought after in a market full of vape brands. The Hyde mag recharge disposable vape is its newly introduced premium disposable vaping device that is potable, super sleek, and ultra-compact. 

The hype mag recharge disposable vape has a classic “mag” design and shape that is made to resemble the magazine portion of a gun. This makes holding the device much easier for prolonged vaping sessions. The device has a matte finish that supports a firm grip, thus avoiding constant falls. Hyde uses airplane-grade material to make this vape, guaranteeing longevity despite it being disposable.

The device features an integrated 400mAH rechargeable battery and a massive 10ml vape juice capacity. The e-juice is infused with 50mg of salt nicotine which translates to an instant nicotine fix, smoother throat hits, and a rapid absorption rate. The vape provides upwards of 4500 puffs per unit.

What are the flavors of hype mag recharge disposable vape?

Hype mag recharge has incredible flavors crafted to provide the ultimate experience. This wide range of tastes ensures that there is always something for everything – no matter your preference. Each flavor provides a treat to the palate that will leave you hoping for a revisit. These Hyde flavors include;

1. FRESH VANILLA: it has a delicious vanilla flavor leaving you satisfied.

2. COCONUT CRUMBLE: a smooth coconut cake flavor.

3. LEMON ICE CREAM: a mix of lemon flavor and vanilla ice cream giving you an extraordinary vape from the beginning to the end.

4. WATERMELON ICE CREAM: blended watermelon and vanilla ice cream.

5. TROPICAL: a combination of candy gummy flavor and all tropical fruits.

6. RED APPLE: fresh apples you can find delivering an original taste

7. SOUR APPLE ICE: consists of green apples and cool menthol.

8. STRAWBERRY ICE: blended red strawberries with ice and menthol.

9. STRAWBERRY LEMON LIME: Blended strawberries, lemons, and lime.

10. STRAWBERRY ICECREAM: has a juicy strawberry flavor and vanilla ice cream flavor.

11. RASPBERRY WATERMELON: consists of watermelon, and raspberries that will be one of your favorite flavors.

12. STRAWBERRY B-DAY: sweet cream, strawberries, and a taste of birthday cake.

13. BANANA PINEAPPLE CANTALOUPE: it combines a mixture of pineapple, banana, and cantaloupe.

14. PEACH LEMON: a combination of lemons, and peach for a duo flavor.

15. RAINBOW: has sweet and sour candy flavors.

16. PEACH: a fresh and juicy peach flavor and nothing more added.

17. PHILLIPINE MANGO: has a fresh mango with a mix of sweet flavorS.

18. PEACH ICE CREAM: ripe peach and vanilla ice cream blended to create an awesome flavor.

19. MANGO PEACHES AND CREAM: blended peaches and mango with vanilla cream.

20. MANGO PEACH APRICOT: blended mango, peach, and apricot.

21. BLUE RAZZ CLOUDS: A mixture of blue raspberries giving you a smooth and sweet vape.

22. BLUE RAZZ ICE: a cool twist of blue raspberries and menthol.

23. FRUIT PUNCH: all your favorite fruits in one bowl.

24. MANDARIN LIME: it uses a paring that brings together citrusy mandarin orange and a sour lime flavor.


There is no denying that the hype mag recharge disposable vape is one of the best and trendiest vapes on the market. The device provides impressive performance and amazing flavors. The vape is highly recommended.

Where to purchase the Hyde Mag recharge disposable vape

You can purchase the hype mag recharge disposable vape from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $13.99.

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