Does Vapor from E-Cigarettes Set Off Smoke Detectors?

12 Feb 2014 Tips and tricks

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are commonplace in homes and businesses these days.

These devices emit a loud beep that can easily wake even heaviest of sleepers out of their slumber. They act as a warning system in the event of a fire or gas leak inside your home.

Smoke alarms though do sometimes ‘trip’ without a fire – burnt toast or even a burning cigarette can set one off if you’re close enough to it.
Some have wondered though about vapor from an e-cigarette. Does it set off smoke alarms if you’re within a certain range?

This question is especially important for those who use their devices in public buildings like a restaurant or office. You wouldn’t want to vape at your desk and set off the alarm system in your building.

Thankfully though, it seems from the video below from Smoke2Vape that it doesn’t. In the video, vapor is blown directly onto a working smoke detector and it doesn’t go off.

However, it may depend on the type of smoke detector too.

According to a forum discussion on the matter, one participant says that a block in the device’s optical system is what sets a smoke alarm off. Cigarette smoke can do this as can e-cig vapors, at least theoretically. However, he says it’s less likely vapor will trip the alarm since it dissipates much faster than smoke.

If you’re using your e-cigarette in a public building, check with the manager or your employer before using your device just to be safe. However, you should be able to use your device in your home and not set off your smoke detector.

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