CBD Oil Dog Tincture (Chicken Flavor) by CBDfx Review

5 Jun 2022 CBD Review

Engage your dog’s endocannabinoid system and promote its optimum health with the CBD Oil Dog Tincture Chicken Flavor by CBDfx. Pets require constant attention and care, and as pet owners, all we want is the best for them. CBD is a versatile cannabinoid that interacts with the endocannabinoid system in humans and other animals, including dogs, to bring about numerous therapeutic benefits. This product, for example, is an excellent anti-inflammatory, wellness-promoting, and calming agent that guarantees the health and happiness of your beloved dog. Below is a highlight of all the features that make this CBD for dogs product the one for your pet.

About CBDfx

CBDfx was founded in 2014 and has since grown to become an international brand, a leader among CBD-centered companies. The brand prides itself on producing top-tier products ranging from CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD vapes, Delta 8 and Delta 9 products, mushrooms extracts, and CBD gummies. All the cannabinoids and other phytochemicals are extracted using the CO2 technique to ensure purity and potency. The hemp used is organic, so you can be assured of a natural, non-vegan, and organic end-product. CBDfx is currently the second-largest privately held CBD brand globally.

Product description

Broad-spectrum CBD – guaranteed entourage effect

The CBD Oil Dog Tincture is made from broad-spectrum CBD, meaning it contains all the compounds present in a hemp plant, except for the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. It is believed that these compounds work in unison to provide improved benefits for humans and pets compared to consuming individual compounds.

This dog tincture provides calming effects that keep your pet’s nerves in check. Dogs are prone to experience anxiety, agitation, and mixed feelings, and this formulation helps cool everything down and provides a deep sense of peace. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help with joint pain that affects young and older dogs of all breeds. Lastly, this revolutionary CBD pet blend offers overall wellness benefits by working hand in hand with the ECS to maintain a state of homeostasis.

Bold, mouthwatering flavor

To make administration easier, CBDfx produces this tincture in a natural flavor chicken that is guaranteed to have your dog wagging its tail. The flavor is reminiscent of delicious chicken soup, displaying the attention to detail this brand adheres to.

Human grade CBD

The CBD Oil Dog Tincture is made from the same hemp plants used to make regular CBD. This means that it is safe for your pet. CBDfx uses the most efficient phytochemical extraction technique to guarantee the purity and safety of the final product. The tincture contains human-grade CBD that is free of solvents, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that might endanger your precious pet’s health. 

Rapid absorption rate

 The  CBD Oil Dog Tincture incorporates MCT oil for rapid absorption. The formulation has an onset of effects of 15 to 20 minutes when taken sublingually and around 30 to 90 minutes when consumed orally. Your dog will start experiencing the benefits of CBD in record time due to their super-fast metabolic rate. The recommended dose is half a dropper in the morning and half a dropper in the evening. You can administer the tincture orally or incorporate it into your pet’s favorite treats. 

It comes in varying strengths.

Are you wondering whether the  CBD Oil Dog Tincture is made for your dog’s size? Well, worry no more. This product comes in varying strengths to cater to the needs of all sizes, weights, and breeds. It is available in: 250mg for small breeds (under 20lb), 500mg  for medium breeds (20-60lb), 1000mg for large breeds (60lb+), and 2000mg extra-strength for large breeds (100lb+).

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