Beginners Guide to Vaping with the E-vod Starter Kit

2 Oct 2014 Hardware

Table of Contents

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Understanding the parts
    • 2.1 The Battery
    • 2.2 The Atomizer
    • 2.3 The Clearomizer
  • 3 Filling
  • 4 Usage
  • 5 Maintenance
    • 5.1 Dry Burning
    • 5.2 Fixing Gurgling
    • 5.3 Other
  • 6 Conclusion


This guide is intended for new vapers to complement their purchase of the Kangertech E-vod starter kit, but can be applied to most reusable electronic cigarettes using a tank-like system. The glossary of terms is also a good resource for newcomers, and more advanced guides will be available in the future.

Understanding the parts

The kit comes with several parts, the most important ones being the battery, the atomizer, and the clearomizer

The Battery

The included batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion for short). They have a 650 mAh capacity, with each lasting roughly 6 hours. To make efficient use of your battery:

  • Charge when the power is nearly completely drained.
  • Fully charge the battery to maintain a good battery life.

Safety Notes: Only use the USB charger made specifically for the model, this applies to every e-cig battery. Do not attach the charger and battery overly tight. Keep away from heat.

The Atomizer

This is the heating element that once supplied power will turn the e-liquid into vapour. It’s made of a small amount of resistance wire wrapped around a wicking material, with 2 more removable flavour wicks on top. These are there to prevent flooding the atomizer with too much e-liquid. The atomizer usually needs replacing every 2-3 weeks (varies depending on usage); dry burning can extend it’s life (more on this later in the guide).

The Clearomizer

A clearomizer is the name given to the combination of atomizer and glass tank. The E-vod clearomizer has a 1.6ml capacity for e-liquid, there is no clear estimate to how many puffs that translates to since the drag time varies from person to person.


Filling is a simple process, here are the steps:

  1. Rinse the tank, and let dry for a few minutes.
  2. Prepare your environment for any accidental spillage, i.e. get some paper towels or tissues.
  3. Remove atomizer and attached base.
  4. Remove e-liquid bottle cap and then place the bottle at a 45 degree angle along the inside of the tank, as to not get any liquid into the center pipe.
  5. Fill, while making sure not to fill past the end of the center pipe.
  6. Place atomizer and base back on.


To turn the E-vod battery on press the circle button 5 times in succession, and 5 times again to turn off. This is to prevent having the device be switched on by accident, say in a pocket or bag. E-cigarettes should be treated gentler than an analogue, the draw should be slower (to avoid flooding) and when screwing back on components they should only be finger tight. If condensation is an issue, keep drawing vapour for a second after letting go of the manual button to prevent it. It is also a good idea to refill before the tank is completely empty to avoid any gurgling.


Maintenance should be performed if you’re getting foul tasting hits, or when you’re changing flavours. The following video is a good method of doing so, although there are other ways involving alcohol that are a bit more advanced.

Dry Burning

A simplified version of the steps shown in the video:

  1. Rinse tank and dry it.
  2. Take off the small plastic piece of the atomizer and pop off center stem (if it’s difficult try moving it side to side while pulling).
  3. Remove flavour wicks.
  4. Rinse and dry separated components.
  5. Place base and atomizer onto battery, and repeatedly pulse the power. Each pulse lasting 2-3 seconds, and blow off any gunk until clean.
  6. (Optional) drip a small amount onto the uncovered coil, and place components back in to their respective spots.

Fixing Gurgling

If you experience a gurgling noise coming from the tank or the sucking of e-liquid into your mouth, this means that the liquid has found its way into the center tube of the tank.

To rectify this problem:

  1. Prepare some paper towel.
  2. Remove the clearomizer from the battery.
  3. While holding paper towel underneath, blow into the mouthpiece until no more e-liquid exits the air holes of the base.

If gurgling or e-liquid sucking continue, remove the base and atomizer from the tank (held upside down) and use a q-tip to thoroughly clean the center tube.


It should also be noted that the atomizer and battery connection site should be clear of any liquid or buildup, to maintain peak performance.

Safety Note: Use a clean lint-free cloth; threads near a battery/atomizer connection can be a hazardous.

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