What’s Your MOD Says About You?

28 Sep 2015 Tips and tricks

Of all of the vapers I’ve met, it’s only a rare few that tend to take their large devices with them to social settings, tending to prefer cig-a-like 510s and smaller eGo-style batteries. I get it. You’re trying to stay under the radar and avoid unwanted attention. That’s a common attitude among newer vapers, because otherwise, starter systems like the Blu eCig and disposable PVs like the NJoy King wouldn’t be nearly as popular.People don’t want to rock the boat— they’d rather blend in.And, at first, I held a similar attitude.

While I’ve never owned a 510 automatic-style battery, I do own a Vision Spinner, and that’s about as low-key as I get when it comes to vaping. It’s not that big, it’s fairly concealable with a smaller clearomizer like a Kanger eVod and thusly, people tend to not give it a second thought when they see me at the bar with one. But more and more, I tend to go out with a larger device, like my VAMO V2 or my iTaste MVP.

Those get looks. Those get me into conversations with people I’ve never met, smokers who are curious. Even non-smokers who lay their eyes on a VAMO for the first time usually want to know more about it.

I noticed this one night when I was sitting at the bar of my local watering hole. It was the first time I had opted to use my VAMO there, and I think I have my VAMO at least partially to thank for the fact that I was talking to complete strangers all night. I had gone in alone, and I’d come out with a couple of phone numbers.

My VAMO was my wingman that night. OK, it was my charming personality, obviously, that kept the conversation going and closed on those numbers. But, I think people made some assumptions about me before even entering the conversation, just based on the fact that I was using the VAMO.And that got me thinking: What does your PV say about you? Here’s what I came up with:


You’re obviously a handsome man/beautiful woman with a magnetic personality. OK, I kid. But, it does say that you want the best out of your eLiquid.You might be a bit of a control freak. The same is true for similar APVs, like the iTaste SVD, the Sigelei ZMax and such.

Box mods:

You’re terrified of running out of battery power. Also, you like sucking on boxes. Sigelei TMax:You want a device that can double as a self-defense weapon. You’re paranoid, and a true believer in form over function. 510 autom atic: For some reason, you’d rather have people think you’re smoking instead of vaping. You’re not interested in having to explain yourself. You might be a bit boring.


You’re either well versed in psychoanalytic theory and you’re trying to subliminally suggest something risqué about yourself, or you’re not at all and are unwittingly advertising your kink. C’mon,it’s not even subtle.

You’re willing to spend the cash it takes to buy the best-built APV there is because you’re a klutz who is afraid you’ll break something cheaper. Also, you probably have more money than you know what to do with.

Mechanical mods :
You prefer a simple approach to things.You’re also cheap


You are probably slightly obsessive compulsive. You also have a terrible memory and very little self-control, which is why you bought a device that shuts
down your vaping after a certain numberof puffs.

eGo Twist /Vision Spinner:

You don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles, but you do want something that works. You’re probably low-maintenance, and you probably drive a Honda. Hey, I could be wrong on all of those. But seriously, be proud of your PV! If you’re like me, you started vaping because you wanted to quit smoking. And if you did,your PV is a symbol of that decision.
Don’t hide it!

…unless it’s a Sigelei TMax. Then do hide that thing. You may need the element of surprise on your side.

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