Review of Candy King Batch by DripMore

1 Jul 2017 E-liquid

Everyone loves candy, and the Candy King e-liquid line from DripMore has some of the best candy flavor e-juices that you will find on the market. Each Candy King e-liquid is created to imitate the taste of classic candy flavors. Candy King Batch imitates the taste of Sour Patch Kids. It is amazing how DripMore can recreate all the notes in the taste of this sour gummy candy. If you like sweet e-juices or you want a memorable e-liquid to vape, try Candy King Batch.

E-Liquid Specifications

VG/PG Ratio  80/20
Nicotine Level  0mg  3mg  6mg
Candy King Batch is only available in a 100ml bottle

You can buy a 100ml bottle of Candy King Batch from any top vape shop for about $34.95. While this is not expensive, you can get a further discount by visiting  where it is available for purchase for only $12.99.

Candy King Batch tastes and smells very much like Sour Patch Kids. You don’t only get the gummy flavor, but it is also fruity. There is clearly more than one fruit in this blend. The sourness of this e-juice tastes like lime. There is also orange and cherry flavor in it. There are surely other fruit flavors in this e-liquid, but those are the ones that stand out. Candy King Batch is very sweet, but it also has a tart quality at the same time. The sourness is more evident as you exhale. Overall, the flavor is balanced and well done. This is one of those e-liquids that you can vape all day, and it won’t mess up your taste buds.

Since Candy King Batch includes citrus flavor, it is not advisable to vape it in a plastic tank. Citrus is known to cause cracks in tanks which may lead to leakage. It is best to use a glass tank for this e-liquid.

DripMore went to great lengths to fashion Candy King Batch after Sour Patch Kids. The e-liquid actually smells like a bag of sour gummy candy. The design on the box and the sticker on the bottle also closely resemble that packaging of Sour Patch Kids. While this move is creative, it has led to some controversy. Some critics claim that this colorful packaging makes DripMore’s Candy King e-liquid line attractive to kids. This only goes to show how much the packaging of Candy King e-juices resembles that of real candy.

Candy King Batch comes in a chubby gorilla bottle with a dripper cap. Since this is a MAX VG blend, it is easy to use it with an RDA. However, it can also be used with a tank.

The throat hit from this e-liquid is mild and satisfying like any sour blend. It is not harsh on the throat at all. This is one of the reasons why it’s good for an all day vape. With different nicotine levels to choose from, you can determine the intensity of the throat hit you get from vaping this DripMore product.

Candy King Batch scores full points for cloud production with its 80 percent VG mix. It will give you all the clouds that you can handle.

Candy King Batch is produced by DripMore. This company, which is based in Los Angeles, California, has made an impression on many vapers with its affordable true-to-taste flavors. The other e-juices in the Candy King line are Candy King Belts, Candy King Sour Worms, Candy King Swedish, and Candy King Strawberry Watermelon.

If sweet and sour flavor is your thing, you need to try Candy King Batch by DripMore.

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OBS Engine Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Review

24 Jun 2017 Hardware

The OBS Engine Rebuildable Tank Atomizer is nice looking RTA with a large tank. Many vapers have been raving about this RTA in e-cigarette reviews since it was released last year.

The OBS Engine RTA is made of stainless steel and quartz glass. It has a dimension of 54.5mm by 25mm and weighs 42g. The standout feature of this RTA is that it has a 5.2ml tank. It is rare to find an RTA with a capacity to hold such an enormous amount of e-juice. The Engine RTA has twice the tank capacity of most RTAs on the market. The tank has a top side filling design. You simply need to pop up the top cap to access the fill holes. The tank is incredibly leak proof.

The OBS Engine RTA is designed uniquely with a large 17mm coil deck at the bottom part of the atty. This makes it easy to access the deck when you want to work on your coils. You simply need to unscrew the top cap to get to the coil deck. The Engine RTA has a velocity-style two post deck. It is incredibly easy to fix the coil and wick it on this coil deck. The package includes a set of pre-built coils made of twisted wire. There is also a pack of organic Japanese cotton in there. You will find four 4mm wicking ports below the deck which allow you to put the edges of your cotton in the small reservoir below for proper saturation.

The OBS Engine RTA does not get overheated when you use it. The coil deck is isolated from the tank. This leads to a 30 percent reduction in temperature when you are using the atty.

On top of the Engine RTA, you will find a POM Delrin drip tip. This is the only part of this atomizer that is plastic. The drip tip is removable, and you can replace it with any standard 510 drip tip. At the bottom of the atty, you will find a 24k gold-plated 510 connection pin for attaching it to your mod.

The OBS Engine RTA comes with an adjustable quad top airflow design. This results in great flavor and massive clouds. Of course, the richness of the flavor you get while vaping with this atty depends on other factors like the type of coils and wicking material you are using as well as how large you have set the air holes. For maximum flavor, you don’t want to leave the air holes fully open. However, if you are after the clouds, then, by all means, leave the airflow wide open.

Overall, the OBS Engine RTA is a compact atty. It feels solid and looks simply gorgeous. This RTA would come in handy for vapers who do not like to open up their tank frequently to refill thanks to its capacity to hold a large store of e-liquid. Also, with its side filling hole, you do not need to take the tank apart to add more e-juice.

This is an excellent atomizer for those who enjoy rebuilding. It comes with all the best features and performs just as you’d expect. The OBS Engine RTA is available on the Volcano E-Cigs online store for only $19.99. This atty is also available on many other vaping stores for about the same price. It comes in black and stainless steel color. The Engine RTA comes in a simple with and yellow box with a lot of information about the product as well as an authenticity code. You will also find a replacement quartz glass and a set of O-rings in the box.

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