Review of Limitless Pulse Innovative Pod System

24 Jul 2017 Hardware


Limitless is one of the big brand names in the vaping industry and it has released its latest product. Limitless Pulse has been designed as a discreet pod system product and has a refillable pod that is 1.5ml juice capacity.

This device is very light and the size can be easily placed in your pockets. It also is aimed for those who are trying to quit smoking and venture into vaping as an alternative. This product is unique because of its LED light display that can be changed.


When you get to take a closer look at the Limitless Pulse you will notice right away on how small and lightweight it is. The device has a juice capacity of 1.5ml and can be refilled 8-12 times on average. This device has been designed to look like a discreet pen style. The Limitless Pulse has a fix power output of 8 watts and carries a 350mAh battery. A USB port is located on the side of the device’s body which you can use for charging. Once you get your hands on it, you will see it has a power button which is used to turn on and off the device. If you need to turn the device on, you need to click on the power button five times. If you need to turn it off, you also can click the same power button five times. This device has a cool feature of the LED light system.

Design and Quality 

You will notice that the Limitless pulse has a very futuristic design. It is really handy because of its size and can easily be carried anywhere because it is lightweight. The LED feature of the device is really cool and the pen style has been uniquely designed. With regard to its LED display, the coolest thing about it is you are able to change the colors of the light. By just a simple press of the power button.

The Limitless Pulse carries a 350mAh battery that can last the entire day. Once your battery is drained, you are able to charge it using its USB port which can be located on the side of its body. You will notice that there are two airflow holes located at the top of the device. This device has a maximum power output of 8 watts.

This pod is different from the other pod systems that you will see on the market today. It has a pod that has been pre-filled with e-liquid.  You will also notice that this is easy to refill. All you need to do is take off the mouthpiece from the device and open the silicon bung carefully. It is easy to locate the silicon bung because there is an arrow mark pointing towards it.

When you have refilled the pod, you have to wait a few minutes for the e-juice to sit in. this is in order for the wick to fully absorb the juice. This way, you are sure that there won’t be any dry hits or burned taste that comes out from the pod. What’s great about this is there are spare pods that you can purchase separately.

There is a fire button that is located at the top of the device which is really convenient. You can turn on the pod by pressing this button five times and that goes the same for turning it off. The LED display is really great and you can actually change its colors. You can choose from red, cyan, light green, dark green, light blue and purple colors. If you are not cool in changing colors, you can also turn it off by simply pressing the power button three times.

What’s In the Box

The package of the device comes with a Limitless Pulse Pod system. The box is really designed in a very presentable manner. A spare refillable pod and a USB charging cable are also included in the package. There is also a card that contains the QR code and once you scan it you will get the user manual. 


The Limitless Pulse is actually a unique pod system that you are able to find in the market today. It is sold at a very affordable price of $25.95. The great thing about it is it is lightweight and its size is convenient to carry around. You are able to purchase it at







Review of Kiwi Strawberry by Good n’ Evil

18 Jul 2017 Hardware

You can see a lot of different e-juices that are available on Strictly Juice, and one of the best comes from Good n’ Evil. Kiwi Strawberry is one that has a sweet combination of delicious strawberry and kiwi.

This e-juice has a crisp and refreshing taste and is perfect for summer. The product contains the exquisite blend of garden strawberries and luscious kiwi. Once you get to taste this blend, it is sure to brighten your day and tantalize your taste buds.

You get to taste the tangy kiwi once you inhale. The sweet strawberry taste is distinct when you exhale. The sweet taste lingers for a little while and it does not have a strong aftertaste. This e-juice is hard to resist and it may even be one e-liquid that can be on top of your list for an everyday vape. When you get a taste of this product, it feels so refreshing and it brings you back to a summer day. You can just relax and enjoy its rich blend.

Kiwi Strawberry by Good n’ Evil gives you a moderate throat hit. You can feel a small sensation that travels at the back of your throat but it does not feel bad at all. There is also no feeling of dryness in your mouth and it does not leave you thirsty. Good n’ Evil has nailed it with this e-liquid since it gives you the real taste of strawberry and kiwi. It’s as if you have the real fruit in your mouth because the company’s superb mixing. You know that this is the most satisfying feeling when the flavor just tastes so real.

The kiwi strawberry e-juice by Good n’ Evil produces a more intense flavor than the throat hit because of its VG/PG ratio which is 80/20. This juice has an impressive cloud production when it comes to its vapor. The clouds from this e-juice are thick. There is also a pleasant smell with this e-juice. The strawberry and kiwi have been mixed to give an ideal scent. Even when the clouds disappear, the scent from this e-juice remains. This e-liquid is great for those new to vaping and also those who already are cloud chasers.

When it comes to nicotine concentration, you get a stronger hit with an e-juice that has a higher level of nicotine. This product has three nicotine levels; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. For those of you that have been smoking heavily, you may opt for the higher level of nicotine. If you are looking to enjoy the flavor without the nicotine, then the 0mg is best.

When it comes to packaging, Good n’ Evil has made theirs eye-catching for sure. The e-juice’s flavor is clearly printed on the nice edgy logo of the product. The nicotine level and bottle capacity are also indicated on the front of the label. The bottle comes with a dropper style cover which will make filling up your tank easy. You also do not have to worry spilling the contents of the juice since the bottle is spill proof.

Good n’ Evil products can be purchased easily from Strictly Juice’s website. When you explore the company’s website, you will be awed by the many e-juice flavors that you can choose from. This product is sold at $18.99 per 60ml bottle.

You can find the fresh flavors of kiwis and the sweetness of strawberries in this one bottle of e-juice. The product is convenient for both newbies and cloud chasers. There is no chemical aftertaste from this product and it also does not give you a an unpleasantly strong throat hit. The smell of this e-juice does not irritate your nose. There are other e-juices with a similar flavor but this cheap e-juice is definitely worth your money and is worth a try. It is one of the best from Good n’ Evil.

Review Of The 1st E-juice By Broke Dick

6 Jul 2017 Hardware

The 1st e-juice is one of Broke Dick’s many products. It is one of the best e-juices that can be found on the market today. The richness of its flavor already is a plus for the product. It is wise for Broke Dick to mix such juice because it has the best quality. Broke Dick resides at Somerset Drive, Largo, FL.

 Flavor Description

It is a different taste for each person even with e-juices. If you need a different twist in an e-juice flavor, the 1st e-juice by Broke Dick can give you just that. Once you get a taste of the product, you get to savor the taste of strawberries. It is creamy and you can savor the twist of its flavor with a cool whip topping. The feeling of savoring your favorite drink is what you experience once you inhale the juice of the 1st e-juice. Apart from the rest of Broke Dick’s products, the 1st e-juice also has a distinct taste that is above the rest. Nothing beats a satisfying taste when it comes to e-juices. The 1st e-juice can do that and will always give you the savory taste when inhaled. You get to taste all the mix of ingredients found in this one bottle of e-juice. The taste also lingers and does not fade right away. There are others out there that may have the taste but will die down once inhaled. You can say that your vaping time will not be wasted.

Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strength for the 1st e-juice comes in three categories. These are the 0mg, for those who do not want to have nicotine in their juice. For the ones who want to have a hint of nicotine, there are the 3mg and the 6mg.


The ratio of the 1st e-juice is just the right one for you to enjoy vaping. It has 70vg/30pg. Broke Dick has just made the liquid the thickness for an easy drip. It will not just slip right through but the ratio gives out an accurate drip.

Throat Hit

Throat hit is important in vaping. You would want to get the juice that gives you a soothing hit that is just right for the throat. The 1st e-juice gives you just the perfect soothing hit that is calming and will make vaping a memorable experience.

 Vapor Production

When it comes to vapor production, you want to get just the right amount of clouds coming from the vape. The 1st e-juice by Broke Dick will give you thick clouds that last longer.


The first thing you will notice with the appearance of the 1st e-juice bottle is the yellow colored label. It is distinctive since it has a unique yellow shade. The bottle also has a secure drip-cap cover to avoid dripping when the e-juice is not in use.


The 120ml bottle of the 1st e-juice by Broke Dick is only $22 per bottle.   This can be found on Broke Dick’s website and can be bought right away. It is really good quality and the best value for your money’s worth since it is the best cheap vape juice. When you get the 1st e-juice, you will not regret that you bought it in the first place.

In vaping, there are a lot of e-juices that can be bought in order for you to get the experience complete. However, Broke Dick makes it a point to give out the best. The 1st e-juice is one of a kind  cheap vape juice, and will definitely be handy for your budget all the time.

Sex on the Peach E-Liquid Review

12 May 2017 E-liquid

After tasting Berry Blast Premium E-Juice,  Sex on the Peach e-liquid, I was eager to get to work on the next bottle I had ordered from 180 Smoke Vape Shop. Described as a refreshing cocktail with delicious peaches with a hint of mint, I thought the flavor sounded like a good mix, and that’s exactly how it played out.

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Festiva by Cloud Alchemist Review

10 May 2017 E-liquid

For me, Cloud Alchemist e-juice is the best e-liquid choice out there. Whether it is their Arrakis flavor or Festiva flavor they all have a sophisticated overtone. Their recipes are delicate, complex and excite the taste buds with their intricate flavors. There is a huge fan base for Cloud Alchemist’s E-juices because their flavors are of a different category than other contemporary brands.

Price: $19.99 for 30 ml
* Size:10ml 30ml 120ml

* Nicotine Level:00mg 1.5mg 03mg 06mg 12mg

* PG/VG Ratio:20pg/80vg 50pg/50vg

Flavor note: Warm beignets topped with fresh strawberries and dolloped with vanilla-almond whipped cream.

Review of Festiva


The primary components in Festiva seem to be a mellow, fruity, subdued fresh strawberry flavor. It’s sweet, but not overly sweet. This juice is joined by a creamy coconut that also possesses its own sweetness, and a rich, mildly creamy vanilla. While these three players seem to dominate the profile, and they are all quite tasty on their own. There is a wide array of other, more subtle, complimentary flavors going on here.

Inhale and Exhale:

The inhale is sweet, creamy and has almond. Between inhale and exhale, the flavors blend beautifully and no one flavor dominates. On the exhale, It tastes like whipped cream, with a hint of strawberry flavor and a touch of a bakery note. The finish also has a flavor that seems familiar and makes me believe there is a very small amount of tangerine in the mix. When brought together with the creamy vanilla flavor, it will sometimes leave the finish with a note similar to that of a Creamsicle. To further complicate things, I’m also getting a bit of buttery note but from there on out, I might as well be throwing darts at a dartboard with every non-tobacco flavor printed on it.

Nailing down any one of the other flavors in Festiva is like playing a game of hide-and-seek. As soon as you taste one thing, it’s gone a moment later, and trying to find it again on the next vape is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. One moment I taste a mild fresh strawberry-like fruitiness, and the moment after that, I think it could be vanilla cream. In addition to being such a complex, multi-noted, impossibly layered composition, Festiva is also incredibly smooth, remarkably tight-knit, and exquisitely balanced dessert cake flavored e-liquid.

It’s not often that a juice passes through my hands and leaves me with shoulders shrugged and a little more information than when I started, and I know that’s not why you come here, but to be honest, nothing gives me greater joy than being completely and utterly stumped by an expertly crafted, masterfully blended symphony of flavors, and this juice is just that.

Throat hit and Cloud making:

As I said, I ran Festiva through all of my various set-ups including some I rarely ever use. While the flavor changes at least a little, and sometimes quite bit from rig to rig, I liked it best in a sub-Ω coiled Nimbus atop my Nemesis, my set-up of choice. This particular Nimbus has its intakes drilled to 1/16″, was built with a dual twisted 28ga Kanthal coil at .6Ω on XC-116 wick. While this is how I like Cloud Alchemist premium ejuice, the constant flavor discrepancies mean that, as the old vaping adage goes, your mileage may vary. Whether you use a standard Kanger variable voltage Mod or dripper, a genesis style atty, carto or clearo, any way you dial in. This stuff can handle most any sort of heat you throw at it.

Finally, It is a great experience for many vapers, even those who have tried it for the first time. It carries a nice and engaging strawberry smell and tastes like sweet and vanilla-almond whipped cream. Wow! This juice is really amazing! I would say that if it is your first time tasting this ejuice, you’ll definitely order it again.

It can be concluded that Cloud Alchemists E Juice line adds new freshness in a collection of e-juices. The line has everything for everyone. So, go for your favorite flavors from the line of Cloud Alchemist and enjoy your vaping at its best.

Grab this Washinton E-liquid!


Poseidon by Cyclops Vapor Review

3 May 2017 E-liquid

About Cyclops Vapor:

Poseidon: Poseidon was the ‘God of the Liquids’ and protector of anything aquatic.

Poseidon, by Cyclops Vapor, is a complex blend that encapsulates the enigma of the sea.

Ingredients and Packaging:

Melons are at their best during the summer, and on a hot day, nothing cools like a fruity melon. Since the flesh of the fruit is mostly water, it is thirst quenching as well. Good snacks range from the standard fare prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe to scooping out watermelon and drizzling them with flavored syrups. Even desserts can get a pick-me-up from the addition of melon. The ingredients in this 35ml bottle are just pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. The liquid is made in the USA to a high standard, contains only the purest ingredients and is bottled in a sterile environment. The Cyclops Vapor healthy PG/VG option and nicotine levels is a prominent feature of the raspberry custard e-juice.


Poseidon fruit melon is a flavor I hold near and dear to my heart. While I always enjoyed my fruity flavored e-liquids, notably peach and melon blends, it wasn’t until I discovered the first fruity melon style juice, over a year after I began vaping, that I was certain I would never crave another cigarette again.

It was my first ADV, and a flavor combination I still mix for myself to this day. When well made, its perfect blend of sweet, light and fruity with a fresh, brisk finish. When done poorly it’s still not even that bad, but with flavors so clean, it’s usually pretty easy to separate out the merely good from the great. In most cases, it comes down to a matter of balance.

If the two main components, fruit and melon are in a state of equilibrium, as far as the final profile, the result will often seem off. Fruit Melon still has some redeeming qualities, namely the juxtaposition of the sweet, juicy watermelon up against the chilly kool-ade, but with a skewed flavor ratio, it’s nowhere near what it could, and in my opinion, should be. As with any juice that contains a new component, total wattage has drastic effects on flavor.

So while the chilly notes are more pronounced towards the upper end of the vaping/wattage spectrum, even at more conservative wattage, dialing in the sweet spot that delivers these two flavors in a state of equilibrium is simply not possible.

The fruity combination tends to smother the more delicate, familiar juicy watermelon flavor. It’s a good fruit on its own. It’s the same flavor I used for a long time in my version of this juice, but it’s difficult for the watermelon to overcome the bold, vaguely medicinal taste of the menthol.

I vaped this juice all over the vaping wattage spectrum, with several different rigs, but the most balanced flavor I was able to achieve came from the ProVari/510 atty rig at a relatively brisk 8.1 watts or 4.5v on a 2.5 Bridgeless dripper.

Admittedly, that wattage doesn’t do this juice any favors when it comes to vapor production, but that’s where this liquid attains its greatest sense of flavor parity, even if it still falls a bit short of the mark.

When I put more heat through the juice, both on my Nemesis/Nimbus rig and my Duke/Atomic set-up, the result was the same, an excellent Melon profile with just a light hint of the sweet, juicy fruit. Again, this juice is still miles away from being bad, but it simply isn’t on par with other vendors takes on the classic profile of sweet melon vapes.

Overall Assessment:

This stuff is amazing! I have tried a lot of e-juices (gourmet flavors included) from many favorite vendors, and this is in my top 3. The taste never fails to surprise. Easily an ADV for me and I love it! A big thank you to me review it! If you’re still on the fence about Poseidon, buy it now! I don’t know what the crafty craftsmen here at Cyclops are doing, but they’re doing it right! Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about this vape liquid. Try it; you will not regret it.


Robust options for nicotine level
Child-proof cap
Full range of PG/VG ratio


Use of plastic bottles

Green Smoke Review

1 May 2017 E-cigs

Green Smoke is one of the most familiar brands in the electronic cigarette industry, and I avoided them for exactly that reason until recently. I simply didn’t think there was any way the Green Smoke electronic cigarette could live up to the hype or justify the price, which is substantially more than that of another KR-808 electronic cigarette I like, the Halo G6. I finally relented and asked Green Smoke if they wouldn’t mind sending a sample. I’m sorry I waited so long.


Green Smoke Review   First Impressions

Upon opening my Green Smoke review kit, the first thing that struck me was the terrific amount of polish in every aspect. The kit comes in a nice looking, durable box and includes various paperwork such as a printed manual, a Green Smoke membership card, warranty information and a coupon for a discount on your second purchase. All of the components have a matching white textured casing and are made from a durable plastic that I believe would resist damage well over time. The batteries are of similar quality; each has a beautiful glossy coat that doesn’t look like it would chip or peel easily.

The batteries arrive with a slightly less than full charge, so you can screw a cartomizer on and start puffing right away if you like, which I did immediately upon opening the kit. Amazed, I looked at my wife and said, did you see that vapor cloud? I had never seen something so impressive come out of such a small electronic cigarette. This was certainly a surprise.

Which starter kits does Green Smoke offer?

Pro Kit
Pro Kit
The Everything Kit

  • 4 Three-Packs (12 Cartridges)
  • 3 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Car Adapter
  • 1 Classic Carrying Case
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*
  • Free Shipping Both Ways
  • 365-Day Limited Battery Warranty*
  • Valued At $101.85
  • $101.85 $59.90
Express Kit
Express Kit
Quick and Affordable

  • 2 Three-Packs (6 Cartridges)
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Car Adapter
  • 1 Classic Carrying Case
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*
  • Free Shipping Both Ways
  • 365-Day Limited Battery Warranty*
  • Valued At $68.07
  • $68.07 $39.90


Essentials Kit
Essentials Kit
Our Most Basic Kit

  • 1 Cartridge
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Car Adapter
  • 1 Clear Carrying Case
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*
  • Free Shipping Both Ways
  • 365-Day Limited Battery Warranty*
  • Valued At $18.80
  • $18.80 $9.99


Out of the available kits, I think that the Pro Kit is a solid value, particularly because I always recommend having at least two batteries for your electronic cigarette. The Love Birds Kit is also a good choice if you are switching to electronic cigarettes with your wife or husband, as it’s essentially two Pro Kits with an 8-percent discount.

  Green Smoke Cartomizers

The Green Smoke cartomizers have some of the best packagings I’ve seen because each cartomizer has multiple lines of defense against evaporation, leaking and flavor loss. The outer package is made from stiff card stock and wrapped in plastic. When you open the package, you’ll find a foil-backed blister pack holding the five cartomizers. Push a cartomizer through the blister pack, and you’ll find a sticker covering the cartomizers top hole as well as a silicone stopper covering the bottom hole. Needless to say, nothing is going to escape from these cartomizers in shipping.

Assembled Green Smoke electronic cigarettes with low white battery, long pink battery, and two sealed cartomizers.

My review kit included a five-pack of the Tobacco Gold flavor, as well as a five-flavor Variety Pack consisting of Green, Smokes Absolute Tobacco, Red Label Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Vanilla Dreams and Mocha Mist flavors. The Variety Pack is an excellent item to include in your first purchase since it gives you an opportunity to try five of Green Smokes flavors, and I highly recommend the Tobacco Gold flavor as well; with a rich tobacco backbone as well as notes of almond and coffee with heavy cream, it was my favorite of the six flavors included with my Green Smoke kit. When it’s time to replenish your supply of cartomizers, the base price is $16.99 per five-pack. However, if you purchase between four and seven packs, the price drops to $15.29 each. If you buy eight or more packages, the price drops to $13.59 each. So, it pays to buy in quantity.

Green Smoke Pro Kit

Green Smoke refers to its cartomizers by the trademark FlavorMax, which I initially dismissed as marketing hype. However, after trying them, I have to say that I was incorrect. Green Smokes cartomizers are more richly flavored than the other pre-filled cartomizers I’ve tried to date, which is exactly what you want with a smaller electronic cigarette. I was also quite impressed with all of the flavors. The intense flavor of Green Smokes cartomizers may have something to do with a greater concentration of flavoring used in the manufacturing process, or the cartomizer may be a lower resistance than other companies cartomizers, which would result in a higher power level in watts.

I was able to get an average of about 200 puffs out of each cartomizer before replacing it. Although this falls short of Green Smokes 360 puff estimate, I do tend to take long puffs lasting several seconds, and I replaced each cartomizer when the flavor intensity began to drop I probably could have used them longer. I usually expect a pre-filled cartomizer to last around 100-150 puffs, so I find the performance of the Green Smoke cartomizers impressive either way. The vapor is voluminous, thick and full of flavor.

Green Smoke Battery Performance


Green Smoke Pro Kit

My Green Smoke review kit included two batteries: a short battery measuring 3 7/8 when paired with a cartomizer and an extended battery measuring 4 1/2. For comparison’s sake, a king-sized cigarette measures about 3 5/16. Both batteries have a slightly glossy surface that feels nice in hand and should be resistant to wear. I have to say that the batteries made reviewing the Green Smoke electronic cigarette a real pleasure because they have exactly the right sensitivity level. I recently considered the Vapage Pocket Pack, and I found that I had to pull quite firmly on the Vapage electronic cigarette to get the battery to engage. Considering the Green Smoke electronic cigarette, I was immediately struck by how easy it was to use; it was a reminder that not all e-cigarette batteries are created equal. Also, the terminals appear gold-plated, which is a nice touch that I haven’t seen before.

While testing the Green Smoke electronic cigarette for this review, I was able to get an average of 139 puffs out of the small battery and 213 puffs out of the extended battery. The little battery charged from my computers USB port in 161 minutes, and the extended battery charged in 241 minutes.

Green Smoke Review  The Bottom Line

Although it may be difficult to stomach the $129.99 cost of the Green Smoke Pro Kit when other companies charge half as much for electronic cigarette starter kits with similar components, the fact is that the higher cost is largely justified. Among small electronic cigarettes, I don’t know of any other products that perform as well as the ones from Green Smoke. If you’re looking for something similar in shape and size to a real cigarette and can afford the price, the Green Smoke electronic cigarette offers the best performance available in this size range.

Green Smoke Review  Conclusion

If you’ve never used an electronic cigarette before, you’ll quickly learn that vapor production and great flavor are everything. Real cigarettes manage to produce an enormous amount of smoke in spite of their small size and to make your switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes a successful one, you want something that creates a similar sensation in the mouth, throat, and lungs. I used to think that you couldn’t buy a small electronic cigarette without compromising some of that feeling of satisfaction, but the Green Smoke electronic cigarette has proved me wrong. It may be more expensive than some other electronic cigarettes, but if you want something that has the same shape and size as a real cigarette but doesn’t compromise on flavor and satisfaction, the Green Smoke electronic cigarette is the product to buy



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Green smoke

Alcohol in e-liquids

28 Sep 2016 E-liquid

A lot of you probably wonder what kind of alcohol is used in liquids found in electronic cigarettes and why is it there in the first place. I have decided to write a few words to answer these questions.

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What’s Your MOD Says About You?

28 Sep 2015 Tips and tricks

Of all of the vapers I’ve met, it’s only a rare few that tend to take their large devices with them to social settings, tending to prefer cig-a-like 510s and smaller eGo-style batteries. I get it. You’re trying to stay under the radar and avoid unwanted attention. That’s a common attitude among newer vapers, because otherwise, starter systems like the Blu eCig and disposable PVs like the NJoy King wouldn’t be nearly as popular.People don’t want to rock the boat— they’d rather blend in.And, at first, I held a similar attitude.

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